Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Pimp My Ride - Hotpot's Style

I know there’s been a lack of weekend blogging, but I spent most of Sunday recovering from only getting to bed a 3am after our trip out to the most happenin' gig of the year – The Lancashire Hotpots live at the St Helens Citadel.

Karen was there, Lou and Rob came over for the evening, and Denise came up from MK (for her first night out without the kids and Ste in….well, we didn’t have a calendar so we couldn’t say when the last one was ;)).

We had a blinding night, the gig was fantastic. After purchasing our “Emo” T-shirts we spent the evening dancing our little none-Chavvy socks off to such legendary tracks as “Chippy Tea”, “Got myself a My Space Page” and “Sat Nav”. There were a couple of new tracks, which were crackin’. I didn’t manage to pick up a new CD, but apparently I can get one in HMV now (hark at them!) although it will cost me twice the price.

Everyone else was very sensible and went home some time around Midnight. Me and Karen – we spent the evening hob-nobbing with the band in the Java Bar – “Do you like Elephants? Do you like Trains? Then you’ll love new Elephants and Trains Weekly” – drinking too much beer, smoking too much and shouting at each other to push the button on the patio heaters quicker when they turned off. All good fun.

Here’s some pics (from before the beer drinking got too far out of hand!).

All the girls (Lou, Karen, Denise, Me)

Lou, Karen, Denise, Marie

Lou’s Rob


Bernie’s Pimped up Shopmobility Scooter (where’s he gonna paaarrrkk?)

Pimped Scooter

If you haven’t checked out the Hotpots yet, then you really should do. You can find them on their My Space page, or even have a wee chat with them on their message forum, here.