Monday, 17 December 2007

Pop Up Christmas Tree - just in case you were wondering.


It's just occured to me (reading one of the comments on my post from earlier) that I should really point out where I got the instructions on how to make the groovy pop up Christmas tree on my Christmas journal page from Prompt 11.

You can find instruction on how to make this on Robert Sabuda's website. Apparently he's the pop up king. Who knew eh? Well, Google did, actually. :)



alexander said...

I love pop up cards. Always full of surprises.

Nice one!

Alex's World! -

CloClo said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog - I'm glad you like the pages. The titles are nothing fancy at all - I just stamped them with the autumn leaves freestyle alphabet and then cut them out. I don't have a craft robo yet, maybe one day... :D

Latharia said...

All hail the pop-up king! :D