Monday, 17 December 2007

Sunday Scrapping Marathon.

I feel the need, the need for speed.

I had a bit of a Sunday-night-Christmas-journaling marathon last night in an attempt to get caught up with my journal class. I’d managed to get prompt 9 (Christmas Traditions) and Prompt 11 (The Tree) done earlier in the week (but not uploaded or blogged) but last night I needed to get through prompts 12 – 16.

Five pages in three hours must be an absolute record for me! Usually I could spend that amount of time just pondering over what I was going to do.

Knowing I needed to get cracking and get those 5 pages done was quite liberating actually. It necessitated a much simpler style with less going on on the pages, and turned out to give more emphasis on the journaling (which is obviously the point of the whole exercise!). It was a good way to illustrate to myself what I should be doing with these entries to get them done on a daily basis. Keeping it simple, focusing on the writing. This class has been a real journey for me in terms of my scrapping style and how I approach things. Online journal classes make for good self analysis is seems. With keeping that I mind I can hopefully start to keep up some (hah! Who am I kidding? You just know that pesky life is going to get in the way again somehow, don’t you?).

Here are the pages anyway. The first two entries done earlier in the week, the last 5 done in last night’s journaling marathon!

Prompt 9 – Traditions


Prompt 11 – Tree (inside)


Tree (outside)


Tree (close up)


Prompt 12 – Christmas Past


Prompt 13 – Christmas Presents


Prompt 14 – Christmas Music


Prompt 15 – Visiting


Prompt 16 – Grateful


I can’t wait to see what’s on the prompt agenda for today :)



Latharia said...

Wow! You're caught up! I love how all of your pages have a slightly different feel...but, wow ... that pop-up tree is just amazing!!!!

And thanks for the comment on my blog -- I hope you DO get some cookies made & start a UK-wide tradition of Christmas Cookies! It is worth the effort, I assure you! :)

Lou said...

But Marie, I can't make snide comments at you for being behind now! ;) Well done on a successful journalling marathon! I love the tree and the 'Visiting' title is fab! x

Latharia said...

*grin* Congrats on having your awesome pop-out tree page featured in today's JYC pdf! :D