Monday, 17 December 2007

There's something to be said...............

for speedy Christmas journaling, which is that it leaves time for baking, which is never a bad thing. Well, unless you should happen to drop a batch of Devil's food cupcakes, accidentally turn up the oven while bending over to retrieve them and as a result leave the second batch resembling charcoal balls (eh Lou?? ;)).

Here's my speedy journal page for today's prompt, which was about a perfect present. My page is slighty away from the original prompt and tells the tale of this year's frantic search for a Peppa Pig Campervan, which has been top of Gracie's Christmas list since about July - and was out of stock EVERYWHERE! When we did eventually find one, Jaqs called about 2 hours later to say she'd managed to get one online. Thus illustrating that campervan's are a bit like buses - you wait all month and then two come along at once. Not unlike cookie blog posts then, really :P


and so, onto the baking. While I was true to my promise and stuck with a quick and simple journal page for today, I had time to bake these:


The recipe is from Nigella Lawson's website. I haven't had the taste test yet - they're still a little too hot for eating, but they smell YUMMY :)

Hopefully tomorrow's journal entry will be just as quick and I can get to baking those Tollhouse cookies I've been thinking about (even more so since seeing the cookie filled table on Latharia's blog!).



Jemma said...

Oh My Goodness you have no IDEA how much im craving one of your cupcakes!!!

I came over to look at your page but got distracted!

it is a great page this is goign to sound silly but the colours are perfect for christmas!

Lou said...

Oi, cheeky mare! ;)

I like to make stuff! said...

Sorry, busy actually doing "stuff", like cleaning the house for the onslaught of the Jewish MIL on Friday *gulp* (actually, she's not Jewish but her parents were and I think it rubbed off. She IS Austro-Hungarian though) and rushing the cat to the vet with a nasty abcess *faint* (we were both very brave, even with 3 injections to cope with), and T cutting my car to get the holly scratches off the wing (expensive car + country roads + no spacial awareness = trouble), washing the dogs who all decided that fox shit is the new Joop, and generally living a ridiculous lifestyle. I should blog it, but now whenever anything happens I always think "where's the camera" otherwise it's just not blogworthy.

Just done the ironing, and need to start the feeding of horses etc at 3 - before that I have to feed the guinea pigs, get the post, put the washing out, change the duvets on the dogs' beds and have a poo. Not necessarily in that order.

Now go back to work!


Joanna Butchart said...

that photo of the cupcakes is so good and I need to eat one now!!!! I know what you mean about getting THE toy. My quest for an Iggle Piggle (is that what the blue thing is called?) was a long one and i nearly had to mortgage the house to pay for the **** thing.