Friday, 14 December 2007

When life gets in the way (otherwise entitled "A Post with No Point")

I've been musing this morning. Not much else to do really when you have two sick kids and a yawning affliction from way too many "get ups" in the last few nights.

Now Egg is napping, and Gracie is taking the opportunity to play with her marbles while he's sleeping (because we know he'd only eat them if they made an appearance when he was around - surely they're supposed to have outgrown that by 14 months? I guess not in his case). Anyhow, the kids are finally quiet, so I'm going to waffle garbage on here for 10 minutes (just like the good old days when I found time to blog something other than scrapbook pages!).

...... and just to illustrate my point. I started typing this post at 11.50, it's now 13.48 and I'm only just getting back to it. NB: don't try typing blog posts with small people in the house, it's a futile exercise! (but never one to shy away from a challenge I shall try to continue in between getting juice and wiping snot and dispensing cuddles).

I think this time of year always makes me quite pensive (on the rare times I do get a moment for my brain to think beyond the instant that is). It's probably to do with the mad Christmas rush, thinking about presents and nights out and the New Year brings on thoughts of quieter times when life wasn't quite so hectic, and other year's celebrations (good and bad). When I think back to this time last year it feels a world away from now. Ewan was just 3 months old (where did THAT time go?), I was a SAHM, I had time for things like this (which I actually did again today, for old times sake, you can see it here) and time for blogging musing about tea in teapots, and the quality, or rather lack of, service in my local Subway (I should mention here, I feel, that last Friday when I went in they had TWO (count 'em) members of staff serving at peak time, one of whom was only half trained *SIGH* somethings don't change!). But, other things do change, as is the want of the world. Mortgages necessitate return to work, and it comes a point where there just aren't enough hours in the week to fit in work and housework, and bathtimes and stories, and TV watching and Crafting time (those aren't in any order of preference btw ;)). So the things I got to do for me last year have had to move over, their allocated time shrunk, to make way for the rest of the stuff that I used to do in the time that I'm now at work. Sad really, for me at least, but hey ho, a girl's gotta eat, and pay the bills, so needs must.

I should probably apologise for the rambliness that is me today. I'm not even sure what the point of this post is (She has no point. She often has no point. It's part of her charm (oops - movie quote snuck in there when I wasn't looking ;)). It's somewhat disjointed I know, which is kind of how I'm feeling today. "Doing" so many things yet actually accomplishing nothing.

Hmmmm. I think I should spend less time writing convoluted blog posts and more time actually doing stuff off my To-Do list. But hey, where would the fun be in that?

Maybe I need to bake something......... that's usually a sure fire way to straighten my brain out. I might have to go on a cupcake recipe web hunt. Mmmmmmmm.