Monday, 28 January 2008

The Decision..................

No Cat. At least, not these cats.

Common sense has prevailed over Kendo (wonders will never cease) and he’s conceded that we really need to be more ready for when we do go ahead with the new cat thing – like we need to have the new door between the living room and the kitchen that’s been planned in place so we can keep the new cats inside for a while.

We know there’ll be no problems with getting another two somewhere along the line – they’re always full to the rafters at the Cats Protection shelter and the fact that we’re looking for older ones makes it easier. Plus, gorgeous as these too were IRL, they were also a little timid. With a 4yr old, a 1.5yr old and a narky cat to contend with that might not be the best of character traits. We need cats with some balls (well, at least until they get sent to the vets ;)). So no cats… least not yet.

You’ve probably noticed another Cookie refit. I was bored with the old colour scheme so I thought I’d have a change up yesterday. Purple is SO last week….. we’ve come over all Laura Ashley-esque for some reason. I think it’s possibly inspired by my MILs new living room wallpaper – which is quite yummy it has to be said.

It’s been a bit of a crazy week around here the last week. Being in work all week was a total killer (I don’t feel like I’ve ever been away from the place – my weekend was WAY too short). Saturday night we spent out with friends for our Christmas night out. Yes, I’m aware that it’s January. What can I say? We are THAT organised! We had a great night though (despite waiting 30 minutes for our table in the restaurant). The food was yummy and the we were back to a friends house for some Wii sports….. I’m okay at bowling and tennis. I totally suck at Wii baseball. Batting is SOOOO hard! We’ve decided that we really need to get us a Wii. Quality entertainment. I think that might have to be our anniversary present to ourselves.

In the midst of this crazy, crazy week I haven’t managed to so much as lift a knitting needle, nor a glue stick. I have done no crafting whatsoever. I have itchy crafting fingers! I need to get something done tonight. I’m thinking maybe my B layout for my A-Z journal. I also need to do some other scrapping. Grace and Ewan’s albums are beginning to look seriously out of date. I haven’t scrapped a recent photo of them for what feels like an age. Hopefully with the nights drawing out now I will start to get more done in the evenings. Scrapping in daylight is much more fun I feel.

TTFN. Work to be done around here.


Marmadaisy said...

Love the new look!

Unknown said...

love the new design!