Friday, 11 January 2008

Dinosaur, Roooaaaarrrrrrr.


I'm easily sidetracked. There's no getting away from the fact. I could try and pretend otherwise, but hey, I'm resigned to my fate. I just don't have a linear kind of mind.

It was one prime example of my sidetrackable nature which led to the little guy above being created (his name's Bert by the way, because, well, what else would you call a woolly dinosaur?).

I mentioned recently about knitting a hat to go with my scarf (which I know, I still haven't gotten around to photographing to blog!). I was searching the 'tinternet (as you do) looking for a pattern and my knitting pattern search led me to these adorable little knitted creatures at the little cotton rabbits blog.

I always loved knitted toys as a kid. I even used to have a knitted Robinson's golliwog. How politically incorrect would that be now? LOL. So, with my brain rumbling with the idea of knitted toys I went knitting needle shopping for my hat and decided to peruse the pattern books looking for a bunny pattern. I found one (which wasn't quite what I was looking for, but was the only one they had) and in the same pattern booklet there are patterns for knitted dinosaurs, and I ask you, how could you not?

So, Bert was born. Ewan loves him. Now Gracie wants a pink one! What have I started?

I've still got designs on a knitted bunny, but unfortunatley, the lovely Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits doesn't sell her patterns (yet!). My brain isn't really very good at deconstructing 3D knitted items into actual knitting patterns, but I've decided to give it a go. So far we have one leg (which is part big dino leg, part winging it), I just need to get my head around how to sew the head and body and we'll be good to go. Watch this space for a (probably very deformed) knitted bunny coming soon.

We're Gracie-less this evening as she's out enjoying the Panto at the local theatre with her Nanny and Aunties and then going back to theirs for a girlie sleep over. It feels slightly weird that she's not just upstairs in bed. Here's hoping Ewan sticks to form and sleeps through the night so I can get a nice unbroken nights sleep without a "Mummy I need a drink/wee-wee/fix my duvet cover" interruption at 4am.

TTFN (there's bunnies to be knitted around here, don't ya know ;)).


Marmadaisy said...

1. That is super cute!
2. Spookily, I stumbled upon the exact same blog this evening looking for knitted flower patterns, and made a note to send you the link. I managed to resist the urge to cry over her so-cute-it-hurts toys(and did you see the knitted cupcakes? right up your street).

Latharia said...

I LOVE Bert! Anyone who gets a hand-knitted toy from you is a lucky person indeed!!! :D I wish I had that "knack"!!!