Saturday, 5 January 2008

Feel the FEAR!

This week I decided to sign up for this not-so-little online class from the its a creative world blog.

It's an A-Z Art journal which will be going on throughout the year. 26 prompts (obviously!), one a fortnight taking us right through the alphabet. I was a bit dubious about signing up at first as it's billed as an Art Journal class, which isn't really my bag. When I took a closer look I noticed that plenty of familiar scrapping faces (including a couple of my UKS teamies and the lovely Rach) had signed up, so I figured I would join in and do it in a scrapbook style.

After much mulling over a theme, and an album choice, and a style I had a total change of heart, and decided that I would take the plunge and do an art journal for this project. Not something I've ever done before, but I thought I would give it a go.

Of course, once I'd made that decision then the FEAR kicked in. Now, I know that there really shouldn't be anything fearful about something that's supposed to be an enjoyable past time, but, any of you who have ever done anything creative as a hobby will know what I mean by the FEAR (unless of course you're one of those people who is fabulous and 100% confident that your work is flawless..............they must exist, right?). When embarking on a new project or creative venture that's outside your comfort zone there's always this nagging fear that raises it's ugly head. Will I be able to do it? Will I be any good at it? Will what I make be any good, or will it be so truly awful and hideous that the only acceptable place for it to live out its days is a locked box, inside a safe, in the hull of a long since sunken ship which resides in shark infested waters (just to be extra certain that no one should have the misfortune to accidentally stumble across it and have their psyche permanently scarred by it's inherent fugliness)?

It's not only me that's that paranoid? Is it?

Obviously, I managed to get over the FEAR, in a total "Screw it" moment of creative madness, and made a start on the cover for my journal (which will be an A-Z BOM incidentally). So, here it is:



The album is actually a sketch book (one of the "paint your own cover" ones, I forget what the make is, I must remember to look next time I'm in the art shop). I've used BG monograms and some mount board for the lettering. It's covered with tissue paper (small crafting confession, it's actually covered with kleenex balsam tissues, because that's all we had! I hope the balm doesn't make my paint weird - yikes!) and mod podge, then painted with acrylic paint. The bizarre abstract design is something that I had already drawn on the cover ages ago when I was on one of my internet breadcrumb trails and discovered some sites on painting abstract paintings. There was an article on painting inspired by photographs, and this photo really caught my eye (it was from one of the classes). It's actually photo of some pathing with the hue and saturation modified. I really liked the shapes on it though - so thought I would paint it on this book (when I was originally going to use it as a sketch book).


The colour that looks kind of brown on the album is actually more of an aubergine colour - the lighting sucks in my craft room.

So, now my cover is all finished, I'll be making a start on my "A" entry - hopefully tomorrow when the kids are in bed. I think I'm destined to spend the next year covered in acrylic paint if tonight's artistic session was anything to go by. I've also learned a couple of useful things. Firstly, that art mediums dry WAY too slowly for my liking (impatient people like me are the reason heat guns were invented!), and secondly, that mod podge gives off some kick ass fumes when you dry it with a heat gun (well ventilated areas only please! LOL). Kendo's first question was "are you going to finish it" (since he's been reading the cookie this morning). The honest answer? Hopefully. I don't know how it will turn out, if I will give up on the Art Journal idea and move more towards a scrapbook style (which may not necessarily look any better, but at least I'd be in my comfort zone!), it might turn out to be all art journal style, or a hybrid of the two. I guess time and A-Z will tell.

I seem to have already reneged on my promise of not being all crafty all the time on here. So I'll also share the story of what happened the day before yesterday when we were getting Gracie ready after her bath. We were all in her bedroom, me because I was on drying duty, Kendo and Ewan because, well, at that time on a Friday neither one of us is in any kind of mood to deal with tired children one-on-one. If we're all together, it's somehow easier. The ratio is still the same, but some how for us parents there's safety in numbers ;). When she was finally in her jammies she set about playing in her room and started gathering up a pile of toys onto her bed. No real theme to them, just an eclectic collection. I watched her for a while and then couldn't resist to ask what she was doing with them. She responded with "It's okay Mum, I'm just going to sell them on Ebay". She's a child of the 21st century! I'm so proud :)

That's all for now, war and peace on a Saturday night, anyone would think I didn't have anything better to do!



Rach said...

Loving the art journal cover - awww am I the lovely Rach or do you know some other daft bint of the same name? ha ha ha

LMAO at Gracie's ebay comment - maybe she could have a word with Charlotte, because we REALLY need a sort out!


Unknown said...

LOL at your wee daughter- I love your A-Z cover. I am doing an art journal too. Please feel free to look on my blog for some ideas, and let me know if you have any other ideas for me . Thanks.

Lou said...

The journal's lovely but made me all sad that I won't be able to join in! Looking forward to 'A'!!

LMAO at Gracie, nothing like securing your financial future at an early age!!