Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A Longing For Spring

Today is Gloomy.

I don’t think I’ve seen the sun all day (again), which, to be honest, is getting to be a bit depressing.

I’ve been giving the subject of winter some thought recently. Usually, I love the winter. I like dark nights and being snuggled up on the sofa in the warm when it’s cold outside. The more I thought about it this week though, the more I realised that I love winter-before-Christmas, and I hate winter-after-Christmas. November/December on the run up to Christmas is cool. Feeling all festive and looking forward to the celebrations. Once New Year is done with though, January it just a drag. Winter-after-Christmas is just no fun at all. What’s there to look forward to? Well, spring….. but at the moment it feels a long, long way away.

So, as I can’t make January go any faster (which is a shame, because I REALLY want it to be pay day already) I’m just going to content myself with thinking about all the things I’m looking forward to about spring. Like:

Getting up when it’s light.

Being able to take photos in natural light when I get home from work (or in fact any time of the day).

Days in the park with the kids when the weather is drier.

Easter……chocolate…….mmmmmmmmm *Homer drool*.

Scrapbooking in day light.

Having a drink in the pub beer garden on a weekend afternoon.

See, I feel better already. Which is good, because I need something to soothe my addled brain at the moment. I can’t seem to remember a thing these days. I really need to start writing stuff down. I think the lack of sunlight is killing off my brain cells.

I feel I should also report on the minor bunny-related incident that occurred at lunchtime. Being a bit over keen, first with the sewing on, and then with the scissors, I accidentally snipped a hole in the new bunny's body while trying to unpick one of the arms which I’d inadvertently sewn on in not quite the right place. That would be okay except, in knitted things, one snip leads to one big unravelling. So, a new bunny body is on the agenda for tonight. Serves me right for trying to rush it. More haste less speed don’t they say. *SIGH*
Is it Spring yet?

*and no, I didn’t take this photo. I found it on flickr. It belongs to this chap. Pretty cool shot I thought.



Marmadaisy said...

I know what you mean. This time of year is a draaaaaaaaag.

I'm going to lock myself away in my work room and work on making my new vintage button rings.

kim said...

This is why living in a Mediterranean type climate was so incredible. Yes, you miss out on the cold December nights, but you get to play at the beach on New Year's Day. And I'd take that trade any day. I'm really sick of the snow and below freezing temps as well.

Angel Jem said...

Do I like Winter or just Christmas? That's easy. I just like Christmas and all the lights. January, February, I'm out of here. I'd hibernate but I have a family. But this time of year, May, I love.