Thursday, 31 January 2008

Those Things Unfinished


As 2008 is supposed to be the year of me finishing things. I thought I would share with you some of the collection of things that thus far remain unfinished.

If you click on the photo you can go to my flickr account where there are notes on all the bits. Basically though we have:

2 patchwork quilts
1 patchwork bag
5 Scrapbook Layouts
2 Mini books
1 knitted hat
1 knitted bunny
1 art journal *sigh*
1 sewing pattern for a dress for Gracie

And this is just a small sample. Whilst taking the photos of this I also spotted:

My Christmas Journal
A Backpack for Gracie
2 more scrapbook layouts
a half altered playing card tin

I'm sure there are many more lurking around my craft room. The big plus to today's little exercise is that I can actually see my desk now! Wooooo!

See. I'm just not a finisher. Okay, I do have 5 12x12 albums of scrapbook layouts and a couple of smaller albums that are nicely full of LOs, so I must finish things sometimes. So, I need to work out what it is about these particular things that made me not finish them. Is it something particular to the projects? Is it a timing thing (did I just start them and get too busy?). Hmmmmm. Food for thought.

One thing I am wondering is just how long something can be considered a "Work in Progress". Is there a statue of limitations on that I wonder? If you do the occasional thing on a project but don't finish is that still ongoing? But if it sits untouched for months (years?) is that not? At what point do you decide to give it up as a lost cause? Hmmmmmmmm.

In none crafty things - we've had two "firsts" for Gracie this week. Yesterday she had her first real "play date" with Leah from school. Leah's Mum took them to McDonalds and back to their house for playing. I think Grace was about fit to burst with excitment!

Then this morning, she finally made the realisation that Mr Tumble from Something Special is, in fact, just Justin in disguise. Bless her, it's only taken her 3 years!

Well, Mum's here for a cuppa and a biccie. May be back with more later.



AuntieYan said...

Horah, I worked out how to get on this crazy thing!
Seriously, boo-hoo for not finishing these things, you do realise I wont sleep until you have got them done dont you?!?

Marmadaisy said...

I think, like me, you get all excited and lustful after a new and exciting project. I'm getting much better at finishing because A goes mad when I have these "fads"