Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Better Late Than Never

I am so late doing this it's untrue! Typical Cookie style really.

I received an award from Anna over at Marmadaisy. Which was quite nice.

The Award originally came from Arte Y Pico's Blog. As for what it's all really about I can't tell you, because like Anna, I haven't got the first clue how to read Portugeuse. I will just trust that it's a nice crafty award - and not a "your blog sucks" award. I did run it through Babelfish for a translation and it seemed positive enough (as far as you're able to gleen from a babelfish translation, which are notoriously literal!)

The Award rules are:

*Post the award on your own blog.(Post who gave it to you)

*Indicate its original link and link to that site. (Arte Y Pico from Uruguay)

*Give the award to 5 other blogs that you enjoy, find creative and inspire you.

and the five crafty blogs that I'm going to nominate for inspiring me are:

Shimelle's blog -for having the best cupcakes recipes, the most inspiring online classes and for being throughly entertaining.

Monkee Maker - I only recently discovered this, but it's a great blog. I love seeing what those little monkee's made of knit get up to.

Little Cotton Rabbits - Julie's little knitted creatures are a joy to look at and her posts always brighten my day a little

Overstimulated/Undercaffeinated - Earrings in the shape of vaginas, all in the name of charity. Enough said!

Garlics and Ginger Turtles - How could I not nominate Auntie Lou for this? Daft Yorkshire bird that she is. Keeping me sane on a regular basis by just being fab :)

As Anna's nominated me I don't think I can nominate her, but I can't do this without giving Marmadaisy a special mention. As she's put in her post nominating me, we have indeed known each other since the dawn of time (or there abouts). We were the bestest of best friends once upon a time but lost touch as life got in the way. Strange how the simplest concidence can bring people back into your life - like Anna discovering the Cookie blog the very week I was holidaying down the road from where she lives. We'd always shared an interest in crafty stuff (we were the only people daft enough to take GCSE textiles at our school I think!) and here were are again 15 years later sharing crafty stuff again. Bizarre how life sometimes brings you back around.

So, slapped wrist for my for being late with this, but I'm all done now :)



Marmadaisy said...

Is it rather sad that my *cough*year long friendships now only exist over blogger and Facebook?