Thursday, 28 February 2008

Brace(let) Yourself!

Well, my little Ebay package finally arrived yesterday, so I set to making this last night:



I made it using this fabulous tutorial over at the Overstimulated/Undercaffeinated blog. I’m not usually one for jewellery making (too many little fiddly bits for my liking or my patience) but this was pretty easy (apart from some messing about with the toggle clasp/cramp bead/ends of tigertail combination at the end) and took less than an hour.

Excuse my pasty, pale skin in the photo won’t you. English rose/pale and interesting and all that. Yeah Right.

Now Gracie wants one after seeing me wearing it this morning. I think she might be getting one with polymer clay beads though – Grace+glass beads= recipe for disaster, surely.

The large beads for this are roselamp wheel nut beads from The Craft Factory, the smaller ones are Mill Hill glass pebble beads, I’ve used IMPEX tigertail and the silver toggle clasp was from kevscraftshop on Ebay.

So, that’s the crafty part over with. I would go on to regale you of stories of my exciting life, but seriously, nothing has happened around here.

The most exciting thing today is the fact that it’s Thursday, which is the new Friday, having taken over from Wednesday, which was previously the new Friday until I changed my hours at work, which isn’t really a problem because at least Friday isn’t the old Friday anymore. You with me?

We did book our holiday this week – so I guess I lied and something vaguely exciting did happen. We’re off here for a week in June, to see Rory and Anxious, of course. So Gracie and Egg can do this every night:

It’s a new site for us as we usually go here. Hopefully the June date will mean a greater chance of some sun. Hmmmmm. Well, maybe not. We can but hope.

Right, I’m off to do some work (for a change).



April said...

Hiya! That bracelet is really lovely.

Have you been to Berwick before? Northumberland in general is beautiful, we had a cottage in Alnwick in August about 3 years ago as a base for doing all that area (Berwick, Bamburgh, Alnwick Castle, Seahouse, Lindisfarne etc) and the weather was pretty good except one really lousy day - if you go to Alnwick they have an amazing, huge Second hand bookshop.

Lou said...

Gorgeous bracelet hun!

Is it just me or did anybody else expect the tiger to fall over, monkey to pull a moonie etc? Or have I just seen too many You Tube clips now?!

Marmadaisy said...

That looks brilliant! I'd love to have a go at more jewellery but not sure the old pennies allow for it. I have far too many expensive hobbies.

Unknown said...

very pretty bracelet!!