Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Definitely Pink, and Absolutely Cheeky

So, here it is! Finally. The pink and cheeky thing is finished.

It is most definitely pink, and absolutely cheeky.


It’s a pink, cheeky, ITV digital monkey (or should that be monkeh (with a strong Lancashire accent?)). As it was for Gracie she was charged with the task of naming her (because we can’t keep calling her pink and cheeky) and she’s decided that the monkey will be called Daphne (only she pronounces it all pseudo-posh with an “r” in, like Daph-er-ne). Don’t ask. She has a Scooby-Doo thing going on.

The pattern for this came from a link over at Kerry’s Monkee Maker blog and is a pattern which was distributed by Sirdar around the time of the whole ITV Digital fisasco. Knitting up the pieces was easy enough, but sewing it together is a right PITA. I’m also not sure about the finish on it. It’s knitted in reverse stocking stitch, so the bumpy bits (traditionally the wrong side) are on the outside. I think it might look better with the “right side” on the outside and the “wrong side” on the inside. I might have to test out that theory on the next one (if I’m never brave enough to make another one!).

Anyway. Daphne is settling in nicely and making herself right at home. She’s even found time for some bongo practice.


LOL. I don’t know what it is about these little creatures that makes you want to photograph them getting up to crazy stuff. I fear it may become a complusion!

At least I can breathe a sigh of relief that I’ve actually finished a project – Hurrah for the year of finishing things! Now I can move onto what was next on the list.



Lou said...

PMSL at Daph-er-ne and her bongos! Can't believe you were brave eonough to finish her but she's lovely!

Unknown said...

soooo much nicer than the weinie warmer it looked like before! :)

kim said...

Love Daph-er-ne! And I agree with Jaime--I'm glad she doesn't look like the previous pic!