Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Fancy a Chance of Winning this Little Guy???

combined with the opportunity to raise some money for a good cause???

Well, then you need to pop over to see Kerry at her Monkey Maker blog. She's holding a raffle (with this handsome chap as first prize) to help with the fundraising for Ellenor Wiseman. If you don't know about Ellenor's (Belle's) story then you can find out more details at Kirsty Wiseman's blog, but basically Kirsty and her husband Mark are trying to raise some money to fund a trip to the US so Belle can hopefully get some answers about her condition (which she hasn't been able to get in the UK unfortunately). You can find out more about Belle here.

How could you resist the chance to get your hands on that gorilla??



Marmadaisy said...

Oh I love him! Thanks for the link.
And no, I haven't secretly got married :) Nothing NEARLY so exciting as that.

I'll give you a clue: remember going to Blackpool with Tom?

Marmadaisy said...

What's happened to your grammar lady? "You're head"?? "strawberry's"??? Anyone would think you went a a second -rate state school inth' North of England!
One of your guesses is very warm!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Marie,

Thanks so much for taking part, and for the link .... I've mailed your raffle numbers to you.