Monday, 11 February 2008

In Search of Fae

Hurrah for a fabulously dry, sunny first-taste-of-spring weekend, I say!

After months of not doing much with the kids at the weekends (mostly on account of it being too damn cold) this weekend came as a pleasant surprise, and I couldn’t wait to get us all out of the house on Saturday afternoon. A quick stop off to stock up on sausagey rolls, juice and doughnuts and we headed off to the park for the afternoon.

Grace and Ewan were soon running round sans coats and making the most of the weather.

As well as an animal corner (peacocks, ducks, pot-bellied piggies (my fave!), donkies and wallabies) the park we went to also has an ornamental garden with a wooded area behind that which used to house a faux Chinese arch….. and now houses a lot of stone ruins. Not that that would deter a four year old – all the more places to look for elves and fairies is more the case.

So, this is Gracie look for fairies:


And of course Ewan following suit:


This is Gracie checking out the hedgerows in search of elves:


And the expression when she came fleeing back maintaining that she had indeed found an elf (at which point I’m becoming slighty concerned about what exactly was used to powder those doughnuts!):


Which of course meant that Daddy was forced to go and investigate:


Grace was very tomboyish and decided to have a go at climbing this tree:


But she took some time out from her busy tree-climbing schedule for a quick photo opp with Daddy and Egg:


Unusually for one of our family outings, there were actually some photos of me for a change (damn, he knows how to work the camera now! Pah!):


As I (miraculously) don’t look too much like the back end of a tram smash in them, I don’t really mind sharing. Although I’m not sure what’s going on with the angle in this one:


After all that hard work fairy hunting and tree climbing we needed to find somewhere to take a load off:


But of course it wasn’t long before Grace decided she wanted the whole seat to herself:


There were of course the obligatory photos of the kids not doing anything particular, just looking cute:



Although the “mouthful of sausagey roll” pose is something Grace might want to work on.

Last on the itinerary, but my no means least, was stopping off at the icecream van on the way back to the car:


But as I suspected, giving Ewan sole control over his cornet was not the best parental idea I’ve never had. Needless to say I was scraping the remains off the car carpets shortly after this shot was taken.

Anyway, enough of our weekend exploits and my photo indulgence.

This unexpected spring weather has had another affect on me. I’m getting all crafty antsy for a new project. I have just finished a little brown knitted bear (but he’s still nak-id to you’ll have to wait until I’ve finished a jumper for him before you see him), and I’m in the process of knitting something pink and cheeky (more on that when it’s finished, should be in a day or two) but I’m after something new to peak my interest. I always get like this at this time of year. I think it’s the prospect of actually crafting in the day light which gets me all motivated for new things.

It’s a little too much the wrong side of pay day to be thinking about any projects that would entail any sort of outlay, so something that uses up what stash I’ve got would be perfect. I think maybe something sewn, my machine has been gathering dust for a while. Hmmmmm.

If you should happen to see any interesting projects on your internet travels then please feel free to point me in their direction, won’t you.

Right, off to do some work. Gotta love these new hours. I actually get to go home in day light! Woo hoo!



Marmadaisy said...

Fill your boots!

Great post.

Lou said...

What fantatstic photos hun. Love the Egg and Daddy wearing matching shirts and, is it an optical illusion, or is he nearly as tall as Gracie now (Egg, not Kendo!!)

Lovely to see all of you!!

Mwah! x