Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Every moment unfolding before me is an inspiration.
Honesty, compassion and sincerity inspire me.
Experience in itself is an inspiration,
as are the people who work to experience life fully”
-JonAnn, Artist/Photographer/Craft Goddess

On my usual daily visit over to Shimelle’s blog, I was led to downloading this intriguing little E-zine from the Designs for Mankind blog. It’s an interesting look at what inspires people to create. The quote above was one of my favourites.

It’s really got me thinking about what inspires me (er… not much lately, by all accounts!). Well, actually, that’s not really true. When I thought about it I realised that I’m actually inspired by stuff all the time – but I can’t hold those thoughts in my head for very long. They’re fleeting mostly. Like I will see a photo, or an event, or someone wearing a great outfit, or spot a fabric and I’ll think “wow, that’d be great to do……….X, Y or Z” and then before I know it my brain is galloping off somewhere else, probably trying to stop me stepping out into oncoming traffic (and you know how successful I’ve been at that in years gone by!).

Often my inspiration for things will come when I’m just dropping off to sleep, which is outstandingly annoying, because then I know I will never remember things right the way through the night until the morning. I used to have a notebook and pen by my bed for just such occasions. Hmmmm, I wonder whatever happened to that? I’m sure it’s somewhere in a Gracie hidey-hole filled with scribbled drawings of people with balloon heads, no ears and seven strands of hair that all stand up vertically from their head (drawn by Gracie, obviously – although my attempts at life drawing would probably be much worse!). I shall have to reinstate that bedside notebook. Maybe I could reinstate it into one of these, which I believe is from this book, which is weird, because I was only coveting looking at this the other day following this completely unrelated post over at Marmadaisy. Bizarre how that always happens, you hear about the same thing from unrelated sources in the same week.

I think I also might need to reinstate a notebook to my handbag. There used to be one in there too, a rather nice one, with a leather binding and a button and thread tie. I know exactly what happened to that one though – a 1.5 hour unanticipated boredom session in the dentists waiting room with 2 small people (whilst Daddy was upstairs getting a filling. Ha!). They needed entertainment – I gave them notebook and a biro. The receptionist was most relieved, as were the waiting room plants.

I really am waffling today aren’t I? I think it’s the prospect of having to be at work until 8.30 tonight. It’s sending my brain into spasm.

What was I saying? Oh, yes. Inspiration. So. I’m going to try to capture those random and fleeting moments of inspiration more, and, more importantly, to act on them more. Who knows where that could lead?

On that note. Should you be so inclined. Why don’t you share what inspires you on your blog today? Maybe it might inspire someone else.



Lou said...

LOL, that could have been me writing that post! I'm exactly the same but I think that comes from our shared flitty Gemini brains!!

BTW, most of my crafty inspiration comes from you, so when you stall so do I!!

Marmadaisy said...

That got my Google alert all of a tingle. Everyone seems to be reflectful (is that a word?) today.

Joanna said...

i too used to have a pad in my bag and next to my bed when i used to write a lot. Funnily enough mine too are full of scribbles from teh little people in this house. good post

Anonymous said...