Tuesday, 12 February 2008

It's Not What It Looks Like!

“I’m in the process of knitting something pink and cheeky (more on that when it’s finished, should be in a day or two)”

I know, there’s something overly narcissistic about quoting yourself on your own blog (or should that be oneself on one's own blog? Well, only if I want to sound like a pompous muppet, possibly). Anyway, I digress.

I am, indeed, working on knitting something pink and cheeky at the moment. The main part of the pink, cheeky, knitted item is finished. I just have appendages to make now. So there I was last night, watching the Lost repeat on Sky Two, happily knitting away at one of the afore mentioned appendages when I looked down to see where I was up to….. and stared in slightly stunned disbelief at what had unfolded on my needles:

It's not what it looks like

Seriously. It’s not what it looks like!

Thank goodness that Kendo (having a very early start this morning) had already gone off up the hairy mountain to Bedfordshire, because I think if he’d seen this he’d be wondering whether I was starting up a new line of environmentally friendly, knitting condoms…. or perhaps tackle warmers for all occasion (a niche market, maybe?). I know I was looking for a new project, but YIKES!

In retrospect, I suspect pink was not the best colour choice for this project, but that’s what happens when you ask a 4 year old girl what colour they want something. They’re not very imaginative. The answer’s almost always going to be pink.

I’ve brought my knitting bag to work to see if I can get a bit further along with this in my lunch hour – but I’m not sure I can be seen knitting this particular appendage in public. Hmmmmmm.



Marmadaisy said...

LMAO I *did* wonder about the "pink and cheeky". Love it!

Lou said...

I've just spit yoghurt al over the laptop!!

Lou said...
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Unknown said...

i admit to giggling when i read "pink and cheeky"... but that photo has me totally ROFL!!!!

i'm scared to see what Google searches show up in your stats now!! :)

RachelC said...

ROFL! Can't wait to see the finished product... if you can show those things here ;)

kim said...

LOL!!!! That is too funny!

Good to "see" you around.

Marmadaisy said...

So, is it finished yet?

I have given you an award, and the details are here:

Marmadaisy said...

Oh no! Because I've used that link all over the place. Pants. Maybe it was because I was fiddling with the post so much. Blogger doesn't like my coding today.
Did I vote the wikepedia one?

Marmadaisy said...

QUOTE: and no... pink and cheeky isn't finished yet, I need to complete 2 more bits, and I must buy some dried peas.

Do you want to have a think about that?????

Rach said...

PSML - OMG! ha ha ha