Monday, 25 February 2008

Knitting Needle Roll Tutorial

So. After the issue with the teacosy beret, I thought I’d move onto sewing for my next project, and inspired by these and a little by this, I thought I would give doing a tutorial a go.

What I did realise was, it is WAY too long since I’ve sewn anything. In fact, I think this was the last sewing project I did:


which was for a friends baby, and was made August/September last year. No wonder my sewing machine was obscured from view by a layer of permadust!

I’ve absolutely no doubt that if you Googled this, you would come up with hundreds of tutorials for the same thing, but this is my take on it, all out of my own head and everythink.

Knitting Needle Roll Tutorial

You will need the following:

2 pieces of material 17” by 21” (in this case one red, one checked – to form the main part)
1 piece of material 9” by 21” (in this case checked – to form the pocket)
2 pieces of material 18” x 5.5” (in this case one red, one checked – to form the top flap)
½ metre of co-ordinating ribbon
matching thread

I’ve rounded the corners of my main pieces and the bottom corners of my flap pieces, for no over reason than I thought it would make a nicer edge. To get the curve I lined up and traced the rounded edge of an egg cup (yes, it was that hi-tech!).

To make up:

First take the 9”x21” pocket piece, fold a ¼ inch hem in the top, press and pin in place and stitch.


Then lay out the inside main piece and line up the pocket piece along the bottom. Pin in place.

Next, mark out the vertical lines for stitching the individual pockets for the needle. I’ve made most of mine 1 inch with a couple of 2.5 inch ones at one end (for circular needles). Make sure you allow an extra ½ inch on the end pockets for the seam allowance. Sew over the vertical lines you’ve mark – it’s easier to start with the middle one and work outwards so you don’t get any bunching.


Moving on to the flap. Place both flap piece, right sides together and pin in place. Stitch round the pieces leaving the long edge without the curves open. Clip and trim the curves to make the rounded corners neater. Turn right side out and Press. Sew round the seam you’ve just made, close to the edge (to add detail and make the seams more secure).

Now you’re ready to put the whole thing together. Place the main piece with the pocket piece attached right side up on the table. Line up the flap piece along the top edge and pin in place. Fold the ribbon in half and position about half way up on the right hand side edge with the ends pointing towards the middle of your work. Leave about 1 inch of the ribbon over lapping the outside edge.


Place the other piece of the main body right side down on top of the pieces you’ve just put together and pin in place.

Sew around the outside edge with a ½ inch seam allowance, leave a small gap along the bottom edge. Clip and trim the curves and turn work tight side out. Press neatly. Sew around the outside edge, close to the seam (as with the flap piece) ensuring that the open edges of the gap you left are tucked in neatly. Locate the 1 inch piece of ribbon on the inside edge and oversew with a cross hatch to strengthen it.


And that’s it. Add your needles, fold the flap over, roll, tie and go. All done.



Some of you might recognise the fabric I’ve used for this as remnants of this project from a while ago.


Waste not want not, as my Mother would say!

As well as making this roll, and seeing as I’ve already lost my darning needles in the depth of my current (and rather shabby) knitting bag about 4 times this week, I decided to make one of these cute and useful little things from the tutorial over at marmadaisy. Thanks Anna!


The only thing I’ve done differently is to machine stitch some elastic to the back of the ribbon so it will hold my snips secure (should I ever find them again that is, as they’re currently AWOL. *sigh*)

Next project will hopefully be a matching tote bag to carry my knitting in. I just need the time and energy, shame you can’t buy that on Esty!



Marmadaisy said...

Well done. I'm SO gonna have a go at this, my needles are all in a drawer looking very shabby indeed. I've been meaning to sort a roll out, but now I can just copy yours.

April said...

Hi, I love that pink patchwork - it's beautiful

Glad to see you found me!