Sunday, 17 February 2008

Over Th'Pennines

So, I'm a little late blogging this (sorry Lou ;)), mostly on account of me being a lazy cow this weekend. On Friday we had our half term trip over th'Pennines to see Auntie Lou, Emily and Xander. We haven't managed to get together in a while so it was great to see them all. Gracie and Emily did their usual trick of bickering most of the time while we were there and then being BFF at leaving time (Gracie cried in the car because she missed Emily on the way home - oh the trials of 4/5 yr olddom!).

I managed to get a couple of good pics of the kids (amazing really seeing as they rarely sat still the entire time). Somehow Lou's managed to escape getting in front of the camera so I can't get her back for this post on her blog by posting some pics of her (must remember to get some pics of her next time!).


Grace and Emily hadn't even started the day and they were already vegging out on the sofa (I think they're both practicing for their teenager years), but they did eventually rouse themselves into action.......and managed to spend some of the day not shouting at each other:


I'm not sure Xander and Egg quite knew what to make of each other, but they did discover a shared love of all things Thomas the Tank (so I'm sure there's a solid foundation for furture friendship). Here's our little men hanging out together anyway - amazing they're both looking in vaguely the direction of the camera....... but only because the telly was behind me!). Xander's going for the clean cut look - Egg, well, he's more Seattle grunge. Do you think we should tell him that that's SO 1990s?


Despite all my good intentions for crafting I really haven't done much this weekend. The pink and cheeky thing is almost finished, but sewing it up is a real PITA so I'm kind of in avoidance mode at the moment. I promise to finish it this week though. I also have a sewing project all cut out and waiting for me to drag out the sewing machine. Maybe I'll get to that in the week. We'll see.

Well, it's Sunday, which means Lost night. So that's it from me. Short(ish) and relatively sweet.



Marmadaisy said...

Looks like a great (but noisy) time.
If you're worried about pics of you showing up, my mum has threatened to get her own blog and post some. Apparently, we were snapped eating pot noodle at John's 18th.
Don't worry though, guess who needs to show her how to work the scanner ;)