Monday, 4 February 2008

A Weekend of Ups and Downs

What a strange old weekend this one has been.

At the end of last week I came down with a pretty horrid cold. The kind of cold where you feel like you’re head’s been shoved inside a stuffed animal and everything tastes like stewed knitting. Unfortunately, the social life of a four year old doesn’t allow for poorly Mummy’s to wallow in their congested misery so there I was Saturday afternoon hauling my snot-ridden carcass to a pre-schooler’s birthday party with Gracie and a present of “Monkey Madness” (bet the birthday girl’s Mother just loved me!) in tow. To be fair, the party was actually pretty good. They had a couple of children’s entertainers, who pretty much did exactly what it said on the tin (or in their case the van). I could never have believe that a room of 8 over-excited 4 year olds could be so quiet, but the were truly engrossed in the story telling and face painting and princess-dressing-upness.

On Sunday afternoon, for the first time in I don’t know how long, I managed to get 3 hours of uninterrupted scrapbooking time in (as Kendo battled his manflu to keep up our bargain of him taking the kids to his Mum’s to give me some time off). I actually managed to get two layouts completed (wonders will never cease!). More on that later though, back to those ups and downs.

Surprisingly after a hectic weekend both kids went off to bed as happy as larry last night (hmmmmm – who is larry and why is he always happy? I think I might have to wikipedia that later! LOL). It wasn’t to last though. Egg woke up at 10pm as I was going to bed………… and didn’t go back off to sleep properly until gone 4am!! The poor little bunny has a rash on his face and all over his little tushy :(. Even piriton and calprofen (the staples of small person-fixingness) didn’t work last night. Eventually (after watching him scratching at his nappy for the hundredth time) we decided to give the cloth nappies a go (they’d be the ones we spent 200 quid on and have barely used because, well, quite frankly, they’re a bit too much like hard work for my liking!). After rifling through cupboards to find a wrap big enough to fit him and giving him some calpol he did finally settle down to some non-itchy sleeping. Unfortunately he woke up at just gone 7am and would not be dissuaded from the fact that it was waking up time. So, Kendo’s at home in bed feeling worse than he did already, and I’m in work downing coffee and eating muffins in a vague attempt to keep awake. I suspect we might be taking a(nother) trip to the drop-in centre this afternoon to get the Eggman checked over. I swear that kid has been ill with one thing or another for months!

Enough of the doom and gloom anyway. It’s not all bad around here. I have a couple of scrapbooking places I hang out at on the web. Of all the cyber hangouts I frequent though, This Place, never ceases to inspire me. I really love Shimelle’s work and her style of teaching and her classes are just great. Real straight forward common sense stuff – that you didn’t realise you hadn’t thought about that way before.

Recently she shared this article. On the concept of “Stick and Go Scrapbooking”. Now, its no real secret I’ve been in a bit of a scrapping lull lately (what can I say? I think it’s been Rach’s turn with the Mojo since Christmas ;)) so I thought I would give this a go and see how I got on with it. It’s a seemingly simple concept – which turned out to be deceptively difficult. Trying not to obsess about how to cut the patterned papers was a big hurdle. Then just sticking them down without analysing their placement in minute detail – that was a real stumbling block! The title, well, I know I say I have enough stash, but I really need to invest in some decent alpha stickers (hand cutting titles is not conducive to speedy scrapping!). Here was the result of my first “stick and go” attempt anyway:


The photos are a little too far to the left, which kind of makes things a little unbalanced, but in a weird way. It’s not symmetrical enough to look equally weighted, but also not asymmetrical enough to look okay either. Not a “bad” layout though, I don’t think. I suspect I just need some work on getting to grips with what I can fit where in a 12x12 space (although you’d think after 4 years I would have some idea really!).

The second lot of inspiration from Shimelle (she’s been a super busy bee I tell you), comes in the form of a journaling prompt a day on her blog for the whole of February. I have a little notebook for this:


And I’m trying to jot down some stuff for each of the journaling prompts. The prompt for the 1st Feburary entitled “Let me tell you about” inspired this LO of Gracie. The idea being to collect some sentences about a specific person or thing and using a title of “Let me tell you about this………………” you add journaling with the sentence like This…….…………. But, ……………………….. so you get a positive and negative aspect in the same sentence.


The journaling for this reads:

This girl looks like Mummy, but has Daddy’s hazel eyes.

This girl is only four, but sometimes she acts fourteen!

This girl loves her little brother, but wants to know why he always wants what she’s got.

This girl has learnt to colour in the lines, but sometimes paints the grass blue.

This girl is named Grace, but isn’t in the least bit graceful.

A bit more stick and go scrapping combined to make this LO. I think it turned out okay really.

Now I just have to get my thinking cap on and come up with something about squirrels. Well, okay, not exactly about squirrels, more about prepositions, but the squirrels made me giggle.

Oh – as a total after thought! I also managed to get this finished yesterday. It’s the “B” entry for my IACW A-Z journal. Not before time really, as the C prompt has already been announced!! So, B is for Baking Things (although not for trying to bake raspberry cheesecake cupcakes (they need raspberries in, right Lou?) and Lemon and poppy seed muffins on an evening when you’re trying to concentrate on the new season of Lost. Because that’s not really relaxing at all).


I supposed I ought to consider doing some work today, but I might have to have another coffee first!



RachelC said...

Hope everyone feel better soon!

I think your los look GREAT! I am very jealous of the 3 hours of scrapping time. Hopefully my mojo and time will come back to me soon too!

kim said...

Love the new work--I'm going off to check out Shimelle's site right now--sounds like there is some good new stuff up :)

Lou said...

Loving the new stuff! BTW, how did the raspberryless raspberry muffins turn out?! ;P

Big get well hugs to my little chucky Egg!