Monday, 31 March 2008

A Case of Wii Arms.

I have a serious case of Wii arms. Not like this chap


He has a case of wee arms, which is entirely different, but does raise the question (at least in my warped train of thought (no leaves on the line today, but you have been mysteriously rerouted to Bury St Edmunds*, enjoy your stay)) of what the T-Rex did when he had an itchy arse. Hmmmm. Find the nearest available mountain and go for a nice rub up against it I suppose. I wonder if that’s what finished them off? Anyway. I digress (there’s a change. Not!).

I have seriously sore arms today because of one of these:


And an awful lot of this:


We (that is the royal we, as in Kendo and me) decided to treat ourselves to a Nintendo Wii at the weekend (because we’ve worked hard (well Kendo has) and sometimes it’s just nice to buy something frivolous for yourselves, isn’t it??)).

It is serious fun playing Wii, but I ache in bits I didn’t know I had. I can’t remember that last time I had so much exercise. I don’t know. Does child birth count as exercise? When I was doing that there was certainly a lot of sweating and huffing and puffing and Monica Seles type grunting, and some cow noises, apparently (Kendo informs me I make cow noises when I’m giving birth. Yeah, thanks for that hun). To any of you who haven’t had the pleasure of squeezing small people out and found the cow noise idea particularly funny I’ll just suggest that you try squeezing something the size of a melon out of a hole the size of a lemon and see what strange and interesting noises you can come up with :P

So, after beating Kendo at Wii bowling by bowling a 156 my first time out (to his 85…. Hah! Totally kicked his arse!) and playing various Wii sports for the rest of the weekend I’ve come to realise the following:

1. I’m much better at Wii bowling than I am at actual bowling.
2. Years of drooling over watching Andre Agassi play tennis has turned me into a base line player. I think I’m afraid of the net.
3. I’d be better at Wii tennis if I didn’t have to do anything but serve.
4. I’m a pit bull when it comes to Wii boxing. Which is strange, because I hate real boxing with a passion. So, should I ever be set upon by a group of tiny cartoon Miis in a dark alley, chances are I could wipe the floor with them. Of course, should I ever have the misfortune to get into a real fight I’d probably be toast in minutes.
5. Wii golf turns the sport (hah!) of golf from a good walk ruined into a reasonably entertaining pastime.
6. I could never be American. I totally suck at Wii Baseball.
7. We really, really need to invest in a second nun chuck controller so I can beat Kendo up without getting arrested. Forget couple’s therapy – all you need is a couple of rounds of Wii boxing (cheap at half the price!).

I really must go and do some work today. We’ve got a meeting with the big cheeses from the university tomorrow.

big cheese

No, not that kind of big cheese, the kind that wears suits and it full of self importance. So it’s a mental day today trying to get everything ready.


*apologies to anyone living in, or from Bury St Edmunds. I wasn’t implying it wasn’t a nice place to be – just somewhere that’s not really on my average route. It was the first place name that popped into my head. I don’t know why. I didn’t even know he was dead *Groan* (sorry, dodgy panto humour moment).

Friday, 28 March 2008

Suited and Booted

I managed to foregoe the chocolate/sofa/bunny knitting combo long enough to finish my layout. I think this is only the second layout I've managed to produce in the last month. Shocking scrapbooker behaviour. What can I say? In my defense, the bunnies are totally addictive. I think I might need therapy!

Here it is anyway:


It was produced using this sketch that I drew a while ago:

when I was setting the scrapping challenges for the BW craft forums (way back when).

I'm quite pleased with the Epoxy-looking alpha stickers on the "suited" bit. Handmade by moi from some dodgy poundland alpha stickers, a black inkpad and a bucket load of glossy accents (damn that stuff takes forever to dry!!).

On a completely different note. It seems we have something of a logistical problem in our household. Sometimes its just impossible to find a seat. But wait! This looks like a comfy spot right here........

Cheeky Eggman!

That's it for now. There's chocolate, a sofa and a half knit bunny leg a-calling.


The Art of Procrastination

I don't know about you, but I love a good procrastinate. Like say, for example, making a start on creating this:


when you should in fact be washing these:


Of course some days you can get lucky, and can manage to accomplish both things:


Then you don't have to feel guilty about procrastinating in the first place, and you can give yourself a "yay me" and a big ol' pat on the back. Although I always thought that might be a bit dangerous, I mean, you could easily pull a muscle or something trying to reach round there. Maybe better to get someone else to do it for you. Gently, of course.

The scrapping stint was unfortunately cut short by the Eggman waketh (from this afternoon nap) so hopefully I can get it finished tonight and share the whole thing later, but then we all know how well intentions like that turn out (usually they end up involving chocolate and the sofa and possibly probably some bunny knitting).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~POLITE NOTICE~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The cookie blog management* cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to persons or property resulting from readers attempting to self administer back pats as mentioned in the above post. Please back pat with caution.

*aka Me

(Phew, glad that's taken care of. Seriously, people will sue for anything these days ;P )

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Grey Sky Days and Lattes

grey skys and lattes 2

What a horrible, grey sky day we’re having today. Welcome to the British Springtime! It’s been raining solidly all morning (surely that’s an oxymoron….. how can it rain solidly? Rain by it’s very definition is a liquid. Bizarre quirks of the English language) and the grey clouds aren’t particularly showing any sign of shifting.

On the plus side. I did have this to perk up my spirits a little:

grey skys and lattes 1

This would be a medio vanilla latte, and a blueberry muffin (which turned out to have only one blueberry, right in the centre, what’s that all about? It served to remind me why I usually bake my own anyway).

Unfortunately the vanillery-latteish goodness is going to be short lived, to be replaced by the smell of photocopying toner fumes while I set about copying 4 years worth of exam papers for 2 semesters for 9 subjects. All hail the paper free office. As if!

Right. Off to photocopying torture. Back later with some bunny leg updates – I think I’ve almost mastered the shoes. What the hell else was I going to go last night? I couldn’t be bothered to shift all the knitting/sewing related crap off my craft desk and I sure as hell wasn’t going to watch the footie!

**please excuse the quality of these photos. I took them with my camera phone surreptitiously in the car park at work this morning and then had to email them to get them off my phone (which automatically resizes them to a pants resolution).


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name.

Rose bunny 2

Here she is. My newest bunny. I’m definitely loving Anna’s idea about “Wabi-Sabi” being the perfect description of my little woolly creatures. They certainly have cuteness, if not beauty, in their imperfection. I must point out though that her feet are actually the same size. I was just in a rush taking the pictures this morning and didn't realise her legs were lying a bit squiffy. She's not THAT imperfect ;)

I’m naming this little lady "Rose" in honour of her lovely rose pink dress and shoes (although I don’t know what her new Mummy will call her – that’s out of my hands of course). The tale of why Rose came to be is a little complicated. Do you remember this little chap from a couple of posts back. Well, he was won in the Easter raffle by one of the teachers at Gracie’s playgroup. However, another of her teachers was so taken by the little man that she begged, pleaded and harangued the winning teacher into trading him for a very large Easter egg. Now, the daughter of the bunny winning teacher was not at all happy about the situation having really wanted the bunny for herself. I discovered all this by bumping into the winning teacher in the pub last weekend (I know her of old as we went to the same school) so I of course promised to make a replacement bunny for her little girl – a girl bunny, with a pretty dress and shoes. And so Rose was born.

This is my first bunny with the pattern changes that I’ve been working on, and so far I’m much more pleased with the result. She’s knitted in bamboo yarn, something I’ve never knitted in before. It’s a strange material. It feels quite rough when you feel just the yarn, but is lovely and soft when knitted up. The yarn coupled with some moss stitch in pace of garter stitch has led to some serious floppy-ear action going on with this bunny, but I think it’s quite endearing, and very wabi-sabi, as it should be.

For the commenter (Panta) who asked me about bunny patterns. I actually began with the Fuzzy Mittens pattern which I bought from her Esty shop (and another pattern from a pattern collection, which I can’t remember the name of – I’ll have to check when I get home). I’ve been amending that pattern as I go along (from things I’ve picked up on other websites about shaping and from trial and error to see what looks right and what doesn’t). It is, as always, a work in progress. With regards the shoes – I’ve made two bunnies with shoes, Rose and lucy and for both I have made the shoes separately from the bunny. I love the “built in” shoes that Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits puts on her creations, but I’ve not managed to work out how to do that yet. It’s on the list though; I just need to try to get my head around the physics of it. Watch this space ;)

I really, really must do some scrapbooking tonight. I have a layout I need to do for the challenge my UKScrappers team is setting in April, and I have two lovely prompts from Shimelle’s class to keep my brain ticking over. Maybe tonight will be a night for scrapping, not knitting? But I can hear those lovely soon-to-be-made little knitted creatures shouting at me from the bag of cashmere yarn I bought. They want out! And they’re so hard to resist!


One a side note. It occurred to me when I wanted to answer Pantha’s comment and she didn’t have a blog that I don’t have any way for people to contact me on here other than comments.
So now I do.
You can now get in touch with me via the email address in the right hand side bar above.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


First off the bat


Even though it’s a little late now (can you believe how quickly that weekend went?)

Secondly, apologies for being totally AWOL for almost a week. Bad, bad blogging lady.
Egg is only just getting back to his old self (poor little guy ate practically nothing for over a week – he’s turned into a little skinny stick. Good job he was a chunky monkey to start off with). Now Kendo’s got the pukey lurgy so is at home instead of at work. He must be really sick though, he’s spent 2 days in bed, rather than moping about under my feet like he doesn’t when he’s got the man flu. I’m giving serious consideration to investing in a gas mask to wear around the house so I don’t catch this bug (I could really, really do without that!).

Despite being a house of sick people we’ve still managed some Easter activities. I took Gracie to the cinema on Friday to see “Horton Hears A Who!” We had a great time. She totally loved the film, but she did manage to steal half my nachos which I’m less than impressed with (especially since she dug around to find all the whole ones – cheeky nacho-pinching monkey). There weren’t very many people in the cinema and those that were were mostly Gracie’s age with their parents so that made for more entertainment than the movie. At one point one of the characters (the Major of Whoville) announces that he’s got 96 daughters, 1 son and only one bathroom – so Gracie pipes up super loud “Blimey, do you think they all go in the bath together?”. There was a chorus of snickering from the parents in the audience. At little later one of the little boys in there announced “I don’t like that kangaroo mummy. She’s a nasty kangaroo” – which was met with a huge chorus of agreement from all the other small people in the audience who apparently wholeheartedly agreed with his interpretation of the character. Kids, gotta love ‘em.

Sunday was Easter panto day at the Theatre in town, which poor Kendo missed out on because of the lurgy. Poor bloke. 39 years old and he’s never been to a pantomime, and he misses out on his chance. I think the panto God is conspiring against him….. go on…. say it…. you know you want to…….(Oh no he isn’t!!)….. Oh yes he bloomin’ is!

Gracie had a fab time watching Snow White – even the drenching from the panto dame wielding a supersoaker didn’t dampen her entertainment. Although that could have something to do with the sugar rush from the (almost) entire packet of jelly babies she sneakily consumed whilst watching the show.

Dealing with poorly people and the Easter weekend hasn’t left much crafty time around here. I have almost finished another bunny (she just needs one more shoe – hopefully I can whip that up in my lunch hour today) but I haven’t even sat down in my craft room – let alone done any scrapping.

I've signed up for Shimelle’s new online class called “There's no place like home”. Mostly because I’m a glutton for punishment I think. You can find details about the class here and sign up if you should feel like it. This is my third one of Shimelle’s classes and I have to say the previous ones have been great. I just love her teaching style and the projects are always fab.

I also got my registration approved for This is a great knitting and crochet site with fab tools like a notebook to keep track of all your projects, yarn, patterns etc, as well as a message forum and I think chat room. They have got a waiting list for people to enter the site (as it’s still a work in progress) but you can be added to the list here if you’d like to sign up – it only took a week to get my registration email and there were about 7000 people in from of me in the queue – they must have steam coming off their keyboards over at Ravelry HQ!

Right then. That’s it for now. Best go and tackle the mountain of paperwork that has accumulated on my desk at work. Deep, deep joy.


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Puking Baby = Lack of Blog Activity

I haven't had much chance for blogging this week. We're dealing with a very pukey Eggman at the moment (he's been chucking up everything that goes into his little belly since Sunday). Poorly babies is not fun.

I'm sure I'll be back on full blogging form in a day or two. With many baby puke related ancedotes to tell!


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Bracelets, Bunnies and Boxes.

Well, technically that should be bracelet, bunny and box because there’s only one of each but that sounded a bit rude for some reason. Hmmmm.

Anyhoo. I know I said I hadn’t done much crafty stuff lately, but I found these lurking on the camera memory card, so I have actually done a couple of bits.

The bracelet is the same as this one and was made for my MIL for her Mother’s Day present.


I even made the gift box for it to go in (hurrah for the handcraftedgiftness!). It was made by following this fabby tutorial over at the U-handbag blog and I used a sheet of Basic Gray Blush cardstock that is just lush (for the top) and a sheet of red bazzill cardstock (for the base).



The other project was the bunny I mentioned last post, which was for the Easter raffle at Gracie’s preschool. Now all her teachers want one. What have I started??

Easter Raffle Bunny

I’m not happy at all with the jumper on this little guy (the arms look a bit wrong), nor really with the legs, or the head, but time was short to get him ready for his big day. The lack of happiness with the bunny shape has lead to the bunny pattern altering madness and proto-type limb production that’s going on in our house at the moment. I will get the bunny to look right if it kills me! Although Lou thinks I should, and I quote:

"take a stance against the media hyped perfect bunnies and make all the heads a bit schew-wiff!"

Maybe she’s got a point. Are there too many perfect bunnies on display? Are all the “normal” bunnies getting the wrong impression from the media? Is this the reason for Minnie’s issues? Who knows?

Right. Off to do some work for a change


Monday, 10 March 2008

How Quickly Time Passes.

I can’t believe it’s a week since I blogged. I just don’t know where the time as gone.

We had a strange week this week as I was off work on Wednesday, then back in on Thursday. Wednesday I took Egg for his MMR jab. He was a real trooper and only cried a little when he had his jabs done (but then he was stabbed in each leg by a scary lady with a big needle, so fair play to him). He was pretty much fully recovered by the time it came to sticker choosing. He went with the star sticker. Personally, I’d have gone for the brave lion, but each to their own.

Whilst we were at the doctors for baby clinic anyway I took Gracie to get her eczema checked out. She came away with enough lotions, potions and ointments to sink a small tug boat, not to mention some “nasty medicine” aka luminous pink “strawberry” flavoured (and I use the term loosely, because it’s not like any strawberry I’ve ever tasted) flucloxycillin. After a couple of days of that and some icky sticky arms for lots of cream (when she feels the need to walk about with her arms stuck straight out and not bend them for 4 hours) her itchy patches are much improve. Thank goodness.

Yesterday we had a case of the “poorly sicks” for Gracie (she’s not having a good run of it really), beginning with some puking in the morning, followed by some more puking a little later, and then some puking in the car later on. It wasn’t quite as bad, nor quite as entertaining as this though, we were well armed this time – we even took a puke bowl with us. We’d gone out to go and see Daddy’s new work (that would be the new concrete plant he’s been asked to manage – Congrats on the promotion (more pennies – hurrah!)). Surprisingly, not as dull as it sounds, especially as the plant is all shiny and new so we actually got to see all the inside without getting full of concrete crud. We even got to see Daddy’s new orifice office – which is in desperate need of some Gracie artwork to liven the place up a bit.

I haven’t done much crafty stuff this week really. I’ve finished the Easter raffle bunny so I will post a pic of him later (I forgot to upload it before I left for work) and I’m in the middle of a layout for my UKS team scraplift challenge, but I can’t show you that, because it’s a secret. Shhhhhhh. Tonight I'll be helping Gracie with her Easter bonnet for the playschool Easter show on Wednesday so that should be fun, and not in the least bit stress inducing. Honest.

Mostly this week I’ve been working on trying to get my bunny pattern to do what I want it to do. There’s something about the mechanics of knitting that I struggle to get my head around. I mean, I know HOW to knit (purl, cast on, cast off, make once, decrease, increase etc) but something about how to make the flat knitting into the 3D shape eludes my brain for some reason. I think that’s a whole other post though.

Best go off and do some work I suppose. I have a very long To Do list and this isn’t accomplishing any of the things on it.


Monday, 3 March 2008

In Mysterious Ways.

There’s a running battle in our house to get Gracie to go to the loo on her own. The problem stems from the fact that she has a bit of trouble wiping her own little tush if she’s gone for a #2. It’s not an easy skill to master, apparently. It’s one of those things that you don’t really recall having been taught – yet you must have been, and now you’ve been doing it so long you can’t remember.

Anyhow. Friday last week Gracie decides she needs to go to the loo. I finally persuaded her to go on her own so I didn’t have to drag Egg up with us and told her that if she pooped to shout me and I would come upstairs then to wipe her bum.

Off she trundles up the stairs, leaving me downstairs attempting to convince Egg that plastic Peppa Pig figures do not constitute one of the four major food groups…again (I’ve tried explaining that at 16 months old he really should be past the desire to eat everything. He disagrees. Strenuously).

A few minutes later I hear Gracie shouting me. So, I remove all the small chewable items from Egg’s reach, supply him with a toy way to large to enable him to fit the entire thing in his mouth and run upstairs to deal with Ms Poopybum. This was the conversation that ensued.

Me: Hi Gracie, you all done?

Grace: Yes. I’m finished. (pauses thoughtfully) Baby Jesus is helping me.

Me: (looking startled and somewhat perplexed) Baby Jesus is helping you poo?

Grace: No, mummy*. Baby Jesus is helping me be good. Now can you wipe my bum please.

Possibly one of the strangest conversations I’ve had in my life (not even surpassed by the one about why Mackenzie at playschool goes to the toilet standing up… I had to double check that Mackendzie was a boy!)). I was worried we might have to amend the phrase to God (bowel) move(ment)s in mysterious ways.

Blessed are the children don’t they say (not so much blessed as bonkers in Gracie’s case).

*I feel I need to add something about the tone of this particular “Mummy”. Imagine a 4 year old building an inflection of mild distain into her speech. She says it in this tone like she’s some rebellious trust fund baby and I’m the wicked purse-string-holding mother who’s just informed her that she can’t have the thoroughbred pony she’s been hankering after so she can beat all the other prep school girls in the gymkana. I really don’t know where she gets it from. The level of annoyance caused by the use of this tone is only slightly less than that which occurs when she calls me “Mother” – thanks for that Kendo :P