Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Bracelets, Bunnies and Boxes.

Well, technically that should be bracelet, bunny and box because there’s only one of each but that sounded a bit rude for some reason. Hmmmm.

Anyhoo. I know I said I hadn’t done much crafty stuff lately, but I found these lurking on the camera memory card, so I have actually done a couple of bits.

The bracelet is the same as this one and was made for my MIL for her Mother’s Day present.


I even made the gift box for it to go in (hurrah for the handcraftedgiftness!). It was made by following this fabby tutorial over at the U-handbag blog and I used a sheet of Basic Gray Blush cardstock that is just lush (for the top) and a sheet of red bazzill cardstock (for the base).



The other project was the bunny I mentioned last post, which was for the Easter raffle at Gracie’s preschool. Now all her teachers want one. What have I started??

Easter Raffle Bunny

I’m not happy at all with the jumper on this little guy (the arms look a bit wrong), nor really with the legs, or the head, but time was short to get him ready for his big day. The lack of happiness with the bunny shape has lead to the bunny pattern altering madness and proto-type limb production that’s going on in our house at the moment. I will get the bunny to look right if it kills me! Although Lou thinks I should, and I quote:

"take a stance against the media hyped perfect bunnies and make all the heads a bit schew-wiff!"

Maybe she’s got a point. Are there too many perfect bunnies on display? Are all the “normal” bunnies getting the wrong impression from the media? Is this the reason for Minnie’s issues? Who knows?

Right. Off to do some work for a change



Marmadaisy said...

Um, does "nice box" sound weird? I love those bunnies, you've done a fanastic job with each and every one. I saw some in a shop window today that were bride and groom and the bride had little crocheted flowers. Ahhh.
BTW, you should call them "wabi-sabi" bunnies (google it)

Rhea said...

Pretty bracelets! Love it.

Lou said...

Again you leave me wishing I could knit, I just love those bunnies!

And who is this wise woman you keep quoting, she sounds so clever!

April said...

Gorgeous bracelet - aren't you clever!

Bunny is really cute - and his differences just make him unique and more special

April xx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous bracelet, truly lovely.

Fab bunny!

kim said...

Have to agree with Lou on that one--your bunnies are awesome and I think I love them even more for each of their quirks.

Did you follow a tutorial for the bracelet? It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog by accident! What a find! I just love the bunny. Have you written the pattern yet? My granddaughter (three next week) would just love a pink one. My knitting skills aren't great but I would try for her!! Also love the origami. What a good box idea. All the Best. Pantha (from Somerset, although originally South Shields with links to Armathwaite!)

Anonymous said...

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