Thursday, 27 March 2008

Grey Sky Days and Lattes

grey skys and lattes 2

What a horrible, grey sky day we’re having today. Welcome to the British Springtime! It’s been raining solidly all morning (surely that’s an oxymoron….. how can it rain solidly? Rain by it’s very definition is a liquid. Bizarre quirks of the English language) and the grey clouds aren’t particularly showing any sign of shifting.

On the plus side. I did have this to perk up my spirits a little:

grey skys and lattes 1

This would be a medio vanilla latte, and a blueberry muffin (which turned out to have only one blueberry, right in the centre, what’s that all about? It served to remind me why I usually bake my own anyway).

Unfortunately the vanillery-latteish goodness is going to be short lived, to be replaced by the smell of photocopying toner fumes while I set about copying 4 years worth of exam papers for 2 semesters for 9 subjects. All hail the paper free office. As if!

Right. Off to photocopying torture. Back later with some bunny leg updates – I think I’ve almost mastered the shoes. What the hell else was I going to go last night? I couldn’t be bothered to shift all the knitting/sewing related crap off my craft desk and I sure as hell wasn’t going to watch the footie!

**please excuse the quality of these photos. I took them with my camera phone surreptitiously in the car park at work this morning and then had to email them to get them off my phone (which automatically resizes them to a pants resolution).



April said...

I always find bought muffins disappointing too.

Good luck with the tedium of photocopying.

April xx

Anonymous said...

Homemade muffins are best - even if mine don't rise like the shop ones! Thanks for sharing the bunny booties notes. Rose is such a cutie. I have made a white girl with a lilac dress - pattern bought and dowloaded from fuzzy mitten. I did do her shoes by starting the leg in lilac then at the cast off bit I left the other stitches on two needles. I picked up and knitted three stitches in white in the middle of the lilac cast off edge. I 4 rows then joined all the stitches in white and carried on up the leg. I then went back and attached the middle foot bit to the rest of the shoe by catching the row ends to the cast off stitches. I did a crochet chain bit for the shoe bar and stitched on after stuffing. I hope that makes sense... I wonder if you will find an easier to understand way!! All the Best.

Marmadaisy said...

I hope that's a fair trade vanilla latte missus. All those poor blind Bolivian orphans (or something).

It's been sunny here today!

Wendy said...

I just love your blog. We don't really share much of the same interests (I hate coffee and I love the desert. LOL) But every single post seems to make my day so I have to keep coming back to see what you have said. "Raining solidly" HAHA. So funny. Thank you so much for always making my day by just being you.

Rhea said...

Only one blueberry? That's just wrong...they're teasing you.

Lou said...

Droooooolllll at the Costa coffee cup! I really need to get you over here to my fave Costa coffee shop...the one next door to Hobbycraft!

BTW, blooming good camera phone pics!

the vicious chicken said...

I agree - muffin and coffee good; photocopying bad... but at least you had one to balance t'other, I s'pose :o)