Tuesday, 25 March 2008


First off the bat


Even though it’s a little late now (can you believe how quickly that weekend went?)

Secondly, apologies for being totally AWOL for almost a week. Bad, bad blogging lady.
Egg is only just getting back to his old self (poor little guy ate practically nothing for over a week – he’s turned into a little skinny stick. Good job he was a chunky monkey to start off with). Now Kendo’s got the pukey lurgy so is at home instead of at work. He must be really sick though, he’s spent 2 days in bed, rather than moping about under my feet like he doesn’t when he’s got the man flu. I’m giving serious consideration to investing in a gas mask to wear around the house so I don’t catch this bug (I could really, really do without that!).

Despite being a house of sick people we’ve still managed some Easter activities. I took Gracie to the cinema on Friday to see “Horton Hears A Who!” We had a great time. She totally loved the film, but she did manage to steal half my nachos which I’m less than impressed with (especially since she dug around to find all the whole ones – cheeky nacho-pinching monkey). There weren’t very many people in the cinema and those that were were mostly Gracie’s age with their parents so that made for more entertainment than the movie. At one point one of the characters (the Major of Whoville) announces that he’s got 96 daughters, 1 son and only one bathroom – so Gracie pipes up super loud “Blimey, do you think they all go in the bath together?”. There was a chorus of snickering from the parents in the audience. At little later one of the little boys in there announced “I don’t like that kangaroo mummy. She’s a nasty kangaroo” – which was met with a huge chorus of agreement from all the other small people in the audience who apparently wholeheartedly agreed with his interpretation of the character. Kids, gotta love ‘em.

Sunday was Easter panto day at the Theatre in town, which poor Kendo missed out on because of the lurgy. Poor bloke. 39 years old and he’s never been to a pantomime, and he misses out on his chance. I think the panto God is conspiring against him….. go on…. say it…. you know you want to…….(Oh no he isn’t!!)….. Oh yes he bloomin’ is!

Gracie had a fab time watching Snow White – even the drenching from the panto dame wielding a supersoaker didn’t dampen her entertainment. Although that could have something to do with the sugar rush from the (almost) entire packet of jelly babies she sneakily consumed whilst watching the show.

Dealing with poorly people and the Easter weekend hasn’t left much crafty time around here. I have almost finished another bunny (she just needs one more shoe – hopefully I can whip that up in my lunch hour today) but I haven’t even sat down in my craft room – let alone done any scrapping.

I've signed up for Shimelle’s new online class called “There's no place like home”. Mostly because I’m a glutton for punishment I think. You can find details about the class here and sign up if you should feel like it. This is my third one of Shimelle’s classes and I have to say the previous ones have been great. I just love her teaching style and the projects are always fab.

I also got my registration approved for Ravelry.com. This is a great knitting and crochet site with fab tools like a notebook to keep track of all your projects, yarn, patterns etc, as well as a message forum and I think chat room. They have got a waiting list for people to enter the site (as it’s still a work in progress) but you can be added to the list here if you’d like to sign up – it only took a week to get my registration email and there were about 7000 people in from of me in the queue – they must have steam coming off their keyboards over at Ravelry HQ!

Right then. That’s it for now. Best go and tackle the mountain of paperwork that has accumulated on my desk at work. Deep, deep joy.



April said...

Glad to hear little Egg is getting better.

C has managed to pass her cold onto both me and hubby so we struggle on - is chocolate good for a cold??

April xx

kim said...

Sorry you've had so much illness going around.

I thought about signing up for shimelle's class, but I just know that I don't have the time to dedicate to it right now and that would stress me out more than the actual projects. I wish we could stop moving so I wouldn't constantly be packing and unpacking. . .

Marmadaisy said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Really sorry to hear of the health probs. Loads down this end of the country too. I did ask you about the rabbit pattern and have since bought the download from Fuzzy Mittens. I rather like the 'shoes' on the girl rabbits at Little Cotton Rabbits and I have been trying to work out how she does them. Maybe you have some idea? I did manage to knit a sort of fluffy pink bunny for my granddaughter, not quite what I wanted but she loved it! All the Best.

Lou said...

I'm so jealous you got to see Horton Hears A Who!! LMAO at the little hecklers!

Hope the man flu disappears soon for your sake!!


Rhea said...

I hope everyone feels better soon and that you don't get sick! I've been wanting to take my kids to see that movie but haven't had the time. I love it when little kids have funny comments in movies. Adorable!