Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name.

Rose bunny 2

Here she is. My newest bunny. I’m definitely loving Anna’s idea about “Wabi-Sabi” being the perfect description of my little woolly creatures. They certainly have cuteness, if not beauty, in their imperfection. I must point out though that her feet are actually the same size. I was just in a rush taking the pictures this morning and didn't realise her legs were lying a bit squiffy. She's not THAT imperfect ;)

I’m naming this little lady "Rose" in honour of her lovely rose pink dress and shoes (although I don’t know what her new Mummy will call her – that’s out of my hands of course). The tale of why Rose came to be is a little complicated. Do you remember this little chap from a couple of posts back. Well, he was won in the Easter raffle by one of the teachers at Gracie’s playgroup. However, another of her teachers was so taken by the little man that she begged, pleaded and harangued the winning teacher into trading him for a very large Easter egg. Now, the daughter of the bunny winning teacher was not at all happy about the situation having really wanted the bunny for herself. I discovered all this by bumping into the winning teacher in the pub last weekend (I know her of old as we went to the same school) so I of course promised to make a replacement bunny for her little girl – a girl bunny, with a pretty dress and shoes. And so Rose was born.

This is my first bunny with the pattern changes that I’ve been working on, and so far I’m much more pleased with the result. She’s knitted in bamboo yarn, something I’ve never knitted in before. It’s a strange material. It feels quite rough when you feel just the yarn, but is lovely and soft when knitted up. The yarn coupled with some moss stitch in pace of garter stitch has led to some serious floppy-ear action going on with this bunny, but I think it’s quite endearing, and very wabi-sabi, as it should be.

For the commenter (Panta) who asked me about bunny patterns. I actually began with the Fuzzy Mittens pattern which I bought from her Esty shop (and another pattern from a pattern collection, which I can’t remember the name of – I’ll have to check when I get home). I’ve been amending that pattern as I go along (from things I’ve picked up on other websites about shaping and from trial and error to see what looks right and what doesn’t). It is, as always, a work in progress. With regards the shoes – I’ve made two bunnies with shoes, Rose and lucy and for both I have made the shoes separately from the bunny. I love the “built in” shoes that Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits puts on her creations, but I’ve not managed to work out how to do that yet. It’s on the list though; I just need to try to get my head around the physics of it. Watch this space ;)

I really, really must do some scrapbooking tonight. I have a layout I need to do for the challenge my UKScrappers team is setting in April, and I have two lovely prompts from Shimelle’s class to keep my brain ticking over. Maybe tonight will be a night for scrapping, not knitting? But I can hear those lovely soon-to-be-made little knitted creatures shouting at me from the bag of cashmere yarn I bought. They want out! And they’re so hard to resist!


One a side note. It occurred to me when I wanted to answer Pantha’s comment and she didn’t have a blog that I don’t have any way for people to contact me on here other than comments.
So now I do.
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Unknown said...

oh she is adorable!! well done! :)

Marmadaisy said...

I'm glad you commented on the feet - I thought you had knitted her one orthapaedic shoe :) Seriously, these are so gorgeous you ought to etsy them. I'm jealous and really want to knit wonderful things but I have zero patience. Who was the teacher BTW?

April said...

she is lovely

I'm also wondering who was the teacher??

April xx

Monkee Maker said...

Oh yeah, she's a cutie. She's definitely got a touch of the LCR's about her.