Friday, 28 March 2008

Suited and Booted

I managed to foregoe the chocolate/sofa/bunny knitting combo long enough to finish my layout. I think this is only the second layout I've managed to produce in the last month. Shocking scrapbooker behaviour. What can I say? In my defense, the bunnies are totally addictive. I think I might need therapy!

Here it is anyway:


It was produced using this sketch that I drew a while ago:

when I was setting the scrapping challenges for the BW craft forums (way back when).

I'm quite pleased with the Epoxy-looking alpha stickers on the "suited" bit. Handmade by moi from some dodgy poundland alpha stickers, a black inkpad and a bucket load of glossy accents (damn that stuff takes forever to dry!!).

On a completely different note. It seems we have something of a logistical problem in our household. Sometimes its just impossible to find a seat. But wait! This looks like a comfy spot right here........

Cheeky Eggman!

That's it for now. There's chocolate, a sofa and a half knit bunny leg a-calling.



Marmadaisy said...

This is where I've been going wrong. I wondered why the dogs always sit on ME - now I see the answer. I need to have a young child available for extra comfy seating! It's so obvious now.

Rach said...

:D so funny - esp as Cam does a similar thing to Charl - if she lies on the floor, he'll stand on her - possibly to give him a better view out of the window! lol x

Lou said...

Cool LO hun! Your photographer is fab btw!!

LMAO at the Gracie seat! She does look very comfy though, might have to sit on her next time I see her myself!