Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Stream In The Sky.

Unsually for a Sunday, we've been for a family day out today.

The ILs are on holiday in North Wales so we drove down to see them and spend the day there. We were slightly hindered by the fact that Gracie wasn't very well this morning and despite insisting she was okay (mostly because she desperately wanted to see her Nanny and Auntie) she puked twice in the car and various times throughout the day. She soldiered on nonetheless though and mostly enjoyed the day.

We spent the time at Trevor (cool place name) which is not far from Llangollen and is home to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct (also known as the stream in the sky) which is the highest and longest aqueduct in the UK. You can walk across the aqueduct (which we did), along a three foot wide foot path with a railing on one side and the narrow water way that channels the canal on the other.


and what's on the other side of that small span of water? Well......... a one hundred and twenty six foot drop is what!

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Never has the phrase "Don't look down" been deemed more appropriate!

It did make for some stunning views though. Which I could have photographed much better if I hadn't forgotten the camera in the madness of getting everyone out of the house this morning. My trusty mobile phone camera came through with some reasonably okay photos again though:




On our walk along the canal we saw a narrowboat with Rosie and Jim peeking out of one of the windows. Unfortunatley when I went to take a photo on the way back they'd gone - no doubt on one of their many adventures with that pesky duck. Gracie was most impressed that she saw them anyway.

Despite the puking and some grumpiness we had a nice day out. Even SILs doggy had fun


Although I'm pretty sure she was much happier when the two annoying, pokey small people had left the building.

I suspect I may have a sleepless night tonight dealing with demands for the puke bowl from her ladyship so I think I'll call it a night and sort my crap stuff out for tomorrow and head off to my bed.



Marmadaisy said...

So, yet again you drive virtually past my house and don't pop in for tea? pah!

April said...

Hope Gracie feels better soon

April xx

Rhea said...

Awesome aquaduct!! I wish I had one near me. How very cool. How old was it?

Mrs Moog said...

Sorry little missus is poorly - I hope you didn't have too much pukeage to clear up and got some sleep.

Your day out looks great. The aquaduct looks most impressive from the ground. Not sure I'd have managed to go any higher!


Marmadaisy said...