Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Up With The Larks.

I don’t own a pellet gun. Which at the moment seems like a real shame, because if I did by chance own one you could bet your bottom dollar I’d’ve been outside this morning having some serious target practice with the annoying collection of birds that are always giving it the dawn chorus in the three big conifers in one of our neighbour's gardens. Seriously, is there any need for that at the crack of sparrow fart?

That said, this morning it wasn’t actually the dawn chorus that woke me. It was the Egg chorus as my cheeky little man decided (once again) that 5.40am was a perfectly reasonable time for everyone in the house to be up and at ‘em. No amount of shhhhing and tummy rubbing and general cajoling could persuade him otherwise. I think I might need to be having some serious words with that little guy. He’s just at that horrible stage in between needing an afternoon nap and not needing an afternoon nap that completely throws a spanner in their amount of sleep. Gracie was just the same. It’s this kind of thing that really isn’t in the parenthood brochure. They should publicise this crap better – we’d have the population levels controlled in no time!

As it happens we had to be up a little earlier than usual this morning as Gracie had a doctor's appointment about her eczema (which is having a bit of a moment, flaring up, getting infected (from scratching, which is impossible to stop her doing over night, save gaffer taping her arms to the bed ;-) ) and generally hanging around being sore and itchy, which sucks. We’ve come away from there with yet more cream to add to the arsenal. So, that’s two creams to be applied twice a day, but there has to be at least an hour between applying them, then emollient moisturiser 5-6 times a day (but you can only put that on 20 minutes after the other creams). My head hurts just thinking about the logistics of that! I think I might need to write a timetable. Poor Gracie’s going to go through the next couple of weeks all greased up like a cross-channel swimmer. Bless her.

I’ve been reading this fab interview this morning with the lovely Lisa from over at the U-handbag blog. I’m totally in awe of people like Lisa, and the fabulous Emily Martin over at {Inside a Black Apple}, who manage to make a living from their crafty ideas. It’s so very, very difficult to come up with an innovative and unique crafty idea these days. It seems everything you could ever need (and perhaps somethings you didn’t even knew you needed) has already been crafted by someone, somewhere. Pretty much everything I make is inspired by something I’ve seen on my blog travels. Maybe one of these days unique inspiration will hit and I’ll manage to come up with something people didn’t know they needed? I can but hope.

On the topic of people coming up with fab ideas. I’m going to give a shameless plug to Anna over at Marmadaisy who is starting a “Fat quarter Friday” feature with some projects and tutorials designed to use up some of those fat quarters you’ve been hiding/stroking/saving for a rainy day. I don’t know what the first project will be, but her tutorials are always fab so I’m sure it’ll be something lovely (and probably something you didn’t know you needed ;)).



Marmadaisy said...

Thanks for the plug and yes it IS something you didn't know you needed. "Fat quarter Friday" might not be quite as accurate as "use up all the crap Anna has lying around her craft room Friday" but it's a bit more punchy. I also have a working button for it woo.

Rhea said...

My son had bad eczema when he was younger...and he hated cream, which I had to put on him at night while he was sleeping. He scratched bloody gashes too, and I worried about infection.

However, he's six now, and finally seems to have grown out of most of it. Thank God!!

Mrs Moog said...

Hi Marie - glad you liked Minx's nurse costume - she came out of school this afternoon and said 'don't worry Mummy - we've got one in school I can wear!'. I told her I've made one and she's wearing it!!!!

Sorry to hear about Gracie's eczema. Monster had it as a littly and has fortunately grown out of it. At the time he used to get so hot and bothered.

Poor you being woken so early! If we all experienced that for a week when we're feeling broody the human race would all but die out! Hope Egg settles down again soon.

Going to check out Marmadaisy now :)


April said...

C always used to wake up as soon as daylight hit her bedroom - fine in winter lousy in summer - only managed to solve the problem with a blackout blind, but she is still an early riser - thankfully now she is old enough to look after herself for a while (and tell the time and knows anything before 7 is a no no!) so I get a bit more sleep

Sorry about Gracie's eczema Poor little chicken

April xx

Monkee Maker said...

Hmmm .... not sure whether to tell you about the Birdsong channel available on DAB radio or not .... oops ... I guess I just have ....

I'm with you on the lack of unique crafty ideas - how do people do it? Having said that though, it seems to me that you've already thought of a good one .... a manual about parenting that tells it like it REALLY is .... you'd make a fortune! (and ok so mankind would eventually cease to exist .... but you'd be rich!!)


ps. Hope the Wii injuries are healing .... the thing I like best about Wii-ing is making new people - sad or what?

Lou said...

LMAO at the birds, had a Friends scene in my head when I read it that involved a bird, a morning and a shotgun!

Poor Gracie. Going to give her some (very gentle) anti scratch hugs tomorrow!

Charlie P said...

Ah well, at least you don't have seagulls! That's one thing I don't miss about home. At least woolly pigeons don't make much noise. Thanks for the link to the U-handbag interview, it was really interesting reading :)

Mrs Moog said...

I was actually thinking of you when I wrote that six word thing!!!! I knew you like it ;-)