Monday, 12 May 2008

Actual Scrapbooking.

Don’t pass out from the shock, but some actual scrap booking took place in my house on Friday night. No, really. I know it’s hard to believe.

I was dithering all day Friday about what to do with my Friday evening crafty session so I decided I would torture myself with get some scrapping done (for a change). My scrapping mojo has been conspicuously absent of late (probably been trampled to death by wabi-sabi bunnies ;P) so it took a while to get anything down on paper. Eventually I decided to stop phaffing about and just go for the slice and stick approach (it’s only paper after all – and photos can be reprinted (thank God for digital!) – so no point stressing about it). I ended up having a bit of a mini cybercrop with my good buddy Louise, which was cool. It’s nice to have someone to prod you along a bit (even if it is online).

Here’s the LO anyway (which I actually finished in one night, wonders will never cease):


I’m making good progress on my mini quilt for Lucy Lockets swap – but I’d better get a shufty on as the posting deadline is next week. That seems to have sneaked (snook?) up rather quickly. Hmmmm. No fair. I know Annie has finished mine though so I’m all excited about that and can’t wait to see it.

Despite the fact that the weather was lovely we didn’t really get up to much this weekend due to Kendo working on Saturday and collection my parents from the airport yesterday (they’re home safe and sound – and I’ve got to come back to work for a rest!!).

I’ll leave you with this photo of a couple of cheeky monkey’s I found on the sofa.





Lou said...

LMAO at the picture of the monkies! Do you think there's been a zoo breakout as I seem to have a couple in my house too!

Fab to crop with you Friday hun, we should do it more often!


Michaela said...

If those are monkeys, then I have 2 bloody great big gorillas at my house in the form of an 8 and 13 yr old!. Don't blame me for your inability to pass by a charity shop! But you'll find such bargains now and again - I picked up a brand new Blue Willis cardigan last month for £3.50 - retail price £170!!!!! Still hunting for wool though - no, you must all be posh up there cos everyone keeps their wool clothes; down here they chuck away the wool in favour of machine washable acryllic!