Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mini Quilt Swap Goodness.

My swap buddy in the Lucy Locket Mini Quilt Swap emailed me this morning to tell me she'd posted my quilt yesterday. I dashed home from work eagerly anticpating my package, and was rewarded with the sight of this on the door mat. Hurrah!!


I was so excited I almost couldn't wait to photograph the package, but I managed to restrain myself.

Inside I found this lovely package in fabulous jade green tissue paper, along with a lovely card. This swap business is really exciting! I might consider joining in some more.


To say I was thrilled with the quilt Annie made for me would be an understatement! It's bloomin' GORGEOUS!! I mention in my emails to Annie that I like rainbow colours, so she's made me an "Over the Rainbow" quilt - complete with blue birds. It's just so adorable! I can't wait to hang it (it will be going in my newly revamped craft room (when I finally get round to doing it!).

Here it is, in all it's rainbowy lusciousness:


Isn't it FAB???

Annie had also included some lush fabric pieces which are just crying out to be made into something lovely, and some delicious looking red beads, which I'm going to try to make into a pendant I think (I need to go in search of some silver findings).



I just hope Annie likes her quilt as much as I love mine.



Annie B said...

PHEW!!! you are welcome...am so glad you like it - I must say I really enjoyed making it for you...once I had latched onto the rainbow theme from your likes and dislikes it was so much fun. Doing the bluebirds was my favourite bit. Can't wait to receive mine now too...good luck with the craft room revamp now!

Annie X

Locket Pocket said...

Your mini quilt and goodies from Annie are gorgeous - this has been my favourite swap so far seeing all the lovely quilts being made! Lucy x

Marmadaisy said...

Score! That quilt is gorgeous! Well done, Annie.

Mrs Moog said...

Your quilt is beautiful and what a lovely load of goodies too!


Lou said...

I love it! What a fab quilt swapping buddy you got there! Feel sorry for Annie though, having to lick all those stamps! :P

the vicious chicken said...

That is a truly beautiful quilt - lucky you! Mrs Locket does do a great swap, doesn't she?

PAC said...

This is gorgeous!