Sunday, 25 May 2008


It's been a busy old weekend so far around here. Last night I headed off over th'Pennines (without Kendo or the kids) to celebrate Louise's birthday.

First port of call on arrival was of course the present swapping (well, once we'd cracked the Coronas open of course). Lou is a bit of a fan of a certain long-haired, top hat wearing rock guitarist. So this was my present for her (which I've been dying to blog for a week but couldn't because she hadn't seen it). Now she has, and so can you:


It is of course the lovely Slash, of Velvet Revolver/Guns n Roses fame. Louise was so excited I thought she might bust something! He's even got a nose ring:



My present from Louise was much more beautiful, and much more usable! She made me a gorgeous beaded bracelet with a silver heart clasp. It's fab!! The photo really doesn't do it justice. The colours are lush.


THANKS LOUISE!! I love it!

Once the pressie swapping was over, we settle into a few beers and then headed off to a local Italian restaurant for some chow. Myself, Miss Lou and her lovely DH Rob, and Lou's friends Ally ('andbag) and Stevie (sandwich).... don't ask! and the totally fabulous Stef with her DH Tony. Much merriment was had (you can check out some photos over a Lou's blog if the fancy takes you) and once we'd stuffed ourselves silly on calzone, lasagna and divine strawberry cheesecake we headed off back to Lou's for a bit of a Wii Sports tournament.

It was all going rather swimmingly. That was until I decided to try and get from the conservatory into the living room without realising that Rob had closed the patio door. YOUCH!! After landing unceremoniously on my arse, with a collection of little cartoon birdies and stars circling my head I managed to get into the living room, attempting to maintain any semblance of dignity (trust me, there was none!) and insisting I was fine. Which was met with a chorus of "No.... you're bleeding!". Oh my.

So. What happens when nose mets a plate glass door?? Well, this happens:


Not the most flattering photo of me ever taken. But in my defense I had been smooshed against a panel of glass and only went to bed at 3am!! The flash really doesn't do the two black eyes justice either.

Classy... don't you think?? :P

In other, less concussion inducing news, I can finally share the quilt I made for my Lucy Locket mini quilt swap buddy, Annie. She emailed to say it had arrived yesterday so now she's received it I can share on here.


Right, there's an icepack and some painkillers with my name on it somewhere!



Rach said...

Ouch ouch ouch!!!

Clearly nothing to do with alcohol consumption!

Hope you're feeling better soon! (Oooh did you win at Wii bowling?)

Love the quilt - clever clogs! The bear is soooo cute :D

Marmadaisy said...

First of all - gorgeous pressies! I love the slash bunny.
Secondly - youch! Hope the nose is better soon. That's a major pain in the butt place to have an injury when you wear glasses!

Lou said...

Oh hun, my patio door feels awful! I really hope the swelling goes down before your birthday weekend.

Have I mention I love my Slash bunny?! Still laughing every time I look at him!

And that quilt is gorgeous! Good job you got lots of crafty lovliness out of the way while you could still see, I'm guessing the ice pack is somewhat obscuring the view of your craft desk at the moment!


Lou said...

Slash bunny? Think I've walked into some plate glass too this morning: meant Slash bear!!

April said...

Slash Bunny - How amazingly cool! I love it.

Sorry about the door - nose incident - hope you feel better soon

Happy birthday in advance!

April xx

kim said...

LOL--you always leave me laughing, Marie-ek! Love the bear--that is awesome. And the quilt came out adorable.

Annie B said...

thanks so much for lovely quilt - I finally managed to blog it at last!

sorry about your nose - poor you!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

I love the quilt you made for AnnieB. It is gorgeous!!!

Locket Pocket said...

oh your poor nose! I hope you recovered quickly! Love that mini quilt though! Really really lovely!

Lucy x

Unknown said...

Slash as a knitted teddy? I hope you sent him a picture of it! Very original idea!

CloClo said...

Loving the old school layouts! Thanks for the comment on my blog, and to answer your question that is my handwriting, though not my everyday handwriting as writing in block capitals all the time would be a bit labour intensive! x

I ♥ cupcakes to distraction said...

Poor you that looks painful. I am sure the quilt you received cheered you up though it's adorable :)

Leah said...

LLOOVVEE the fairy quilt.

I've been toying with some fairy items and this has given me the inspiration to get me act into gear!!

Your nose does look painful - hope it's better soon

Punky N Munky said...

I just wanted to say OUCH!!!