Thursday, 29 May 2008

Today I Will Be Mostly Growing Older.

Okay, so technically I’m growing older every day, but today is my birthday, which is the one day of the year when you feel like you’re actually getting somewhere in the growing older stakes (or when you feel like the years are racking up, depending on how you look at it).

I got lots of nice presents this morning – although no Wii Fit, which is what I’m having for my present off Kendo and the kids, but which is sold out COUNTRY WIDE! Grrrrrr. Guess I’ll have to wait for that one.

When I got home from work yesterday, this lovely looking parcel was on the doormat:


The Marmadaisy sticker and the lovely handmade packaging were a bit of a giveaway as to where it came from, but to be honest, even without those, I would have recognised the handwriting on the label, but then I did sit next to Mrs Marmadaisy in class for a lot of years ;)

Inside was a fab card, and some LUSH fabric:


I love the Japanese one! Too cute. Now I don’t have any excuse for not playing along with some Fat Quarter Fridays! Thank you Mrs Marmadaisy. I love them!

Last night I finished the layout that I gave you a sneak peak of yesterday. It’s from this week's Pencillines sketch (#86 – I can’t believe they’re up to 86 already!). I haven’t been on the Pencillines blog for a while, and I should go more often, because as soon as I saw this sketch I knew that I wanted to do something with it. It’s great for helping relocate your mojo. Thanks Pencillines ladies :) Here’s the layout anyway:


I’ve used SEI Twitterpatter papers on this page. I didn’t actually buy these papers, they came in a kit with a magazine subscription, but I’ve loved every layout I’ve made with them. The colours are just gorgeous. They remind me of chocolate and cake and icecream and all sorts of other yummy things. And Louise, I know what you’re thinking. The journaling block didn’t look like that last night. I knew it wasn’t right how it was and it drove me bonkers all night thinking about it so I had to have a bit of emergency layout surgery on it this morning. I like this much better. Thank goodness for paper layering!

I almost started work on another layout last night, but then realise it was 10.30pm already (I’m not sure where the evening went. Scrapbooking is the master of time suckage!) so I didn’t get past printing and cropping my photos. You know what though, I’m going to do some more tonight. It’s my birthday and I’ll scrap if I want to, scrap if I want to, scrap if I want to. Is that song in your head now? Sorry :P

Right. I’m off to get on with getting older. It’s going to involve tea, and probably chocolate. So it can’t be that bad.



Lou said...

LOL, didn't even notice!!

happy Birthday me old mukka! Hope you're days crammed with chocolate and crafty goodness!


RachelC said...


Unknown said...

happy birthday!!!

Michaela said...

Happy birthday!

Hang on in there for your Wii Fit - we managed to get one from Woolworths a couple of weeks ago and it's brilliant! I am hooked - and coming from someone who hates all forms of exercise, that's saying something!

April said...

Happy Birthday

Love the Japanese fabric

April xx

Marmadaisy said...

I did leave a happy birthday comment, but blogger ate it AGAIN!
Hope you had lots of goodies and cake and orange revels.

Sheikasaurus Rex said...

Happy Birthday!!!

*eats confetti*

the vicious chicken said...

Ooh, sorry I missed it yesterday - but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a lovely one :o)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!!! We have a Wii fit (I say we, I am allergic to it actually, it makes me feel very ill!!!)

Thanks for joining my blog swap!!!

I ♥ cupcakes to distraction said...

Happy Birthday :)

mushroommeadows said...

happy birthday!!! :) tea and chocolate! YUM!

Charlie P said...

Great scrapbook page and fabrics. I LOVE the quilt you made for Annie too. very impressive stitching :D