Thursday, 15 May 2008

Wednesdays Rock!

Wednesdays are brilliant! (that’s the day Wednesday, not this Wednesday, although she’s pretty cool too).
Why are Wednesdays brilliant, you may ask? Simple. On Wednesdays there is nothing good on the telly. Nothing. Tuesday’s is CSI night, Thursday is House and Greys, Friday is Criminal Minds and Bones (okay, so there's nothing on Monday either but I’m not talking about Monday’s, I’m talking about Wednesdays ;P).

Yes. I watch way too much TV.

You know what it means when there’s no good telly though? CRAFTING TIME!! WOO HOO! Being that my craft room is about as far away from my TV as you can get without actually leaving the house, I can’t really do both (except maybe knitting which I can do in front of the TV. Bonus! (maybe that’s while I love knitting so much?).

So on yesterday’s no-telly Wednesday night craft time I managed to finish my quilt for Lucy Locket’s Mini Quilt Swap. Hurrah! It shall be winging its way to my lovely swap buddy Annie at Overmilkwood shortly (when I find some packaging paper, and tape, and time to take it to the post office). I’m very excited. I hope she likes it. There was a time there when I was hit by the sudden realisation that despite thinking I had loads of time, the posting deadline was fast approaching and I might not make it, but now it’s done. Panic over!

In other crafty news. My next project is a birthday surprise for my good buddy Louise. I’m heading over the Pennines next weekend to join in her birthday celebrations (and have a much needed night away from the kids…… with beer…. and food…. and probably some Wii sports for good measure). In the meantime though, it’s a mad dash to get her present finished in time. I must secretly thrive on pressure, because I’m always leaving things to the last minute!



Rhea said...

Last minute pressure can produce some great results sometimes. lol I love how you look forward to Wednesdays even though there's nothing good on TV because you can do crafts! You're awesome!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I always appreciate your comments!

Locket Pocket said...

Glad to hear there is some good to come out of rubbish telly evenings! I'm sure Annie will love your miniquilt - can't wait to see it! Lucy x

Marmadaisy said...

Ahem! Desperate Housewives??? I know how they feel at the moment, I nearly got divorced this morning. Men just don't "get it" do they? Grrr

Anonymous said...

Monday??? Waking the Dead??? Trevor Eve Phwar!!! Anyway glad to hear you got some crafting done. I have been writing about last minute panics today as well. Maybe it is a Wednesday thing or maybe because i spend too much time swooning at men on the telly - House Hugh Laurie need i say more

Mrs Moog said...

I'm so saaaad - I scroll through all the TV listings and give up and watch Friends or Property Ladder reruns every time!

Still can't quite get Hugh Laurie being American....he's always Princey in Blackadder to me!

I'm liking Wednesday's now that I'm 'at work' again as it means it's nearly Friday :)

Your weekend with Louise sounds perfect!


Charlie P said...

It is a lie that there's nothing on TV on a wednesday! Have you ever seen Dexter? If you like CSI, you'll probably be addicted to it as I am :D
Can't wait to see your swap quilt!