Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Lagging Behind.

I’ve never been the kind of person who’s always on the ball with the new fashions or trends. Even as a kid I was always lagging behind with what everyone else was wearing. With 4 kids and a bucket load of foster children in our house there was never much spare cash to go splashing out on designer gear or anything. I remember seriously coveting a pair of red Adidas trainers owned by a certain Mrs Marmadaisy. I know she knows the ones I’m talking about, because we were only discussing them the other day, and she’ll probably kill me for even mentioning that she owned them, but I wanted those trainer so badly. *SIGH*

Some things don’t change, and I’m never exactly cutting edge when it comes to my scrapbooking either. Usually I’m lagging at least 6 months behind on the latest craze. Which is fine by me. It means I’ve always got plenty to be getting on with.

The latest thing that I’ve decided to have a bash at (which by my reckoning is at least 10 months after all the “cool kids” started doing it ;)) is scrapping in 12x6 (or is it 6x12?) format. I was all geared up when I decided to give this a try, but you know what, it’s a really weird format to scrap in. You think it’s going to be a lot of space, but it really isn’t. It’s not like 11x8.5 either, where you at least have some height to play with. Getting everything you want into such a narrow band takes a lot of paper juggling! I actually quite like how the layout turned out though, even though the photos make me a bit sad still at the loss of those lovely curls!:


I had quite a productive crafty night last night. As all the TV programmes I watch are starting to reach their season finales I’m finding much more crafty time on my hands (well, at least until Thursday when Big Brother starts – assuming it’s a less hideous group than last year, because I didn’t get past the opening episode for season 8. Way too annoying!).

When I made this bracelet way back in February I also made some polymer clay beads to make a similar bracelet for LMC. For some reason I’ve been putting it off thinking it would take too long. In reality, it took me about 10 minutes! That’ll teach me to procrastinate, won’t it?

Here’s the finished article:


And here it is being modelled by its happy recipient:


I also have another felted bag project in the pipeline. I think I have everything I need for it and I’m usually gung ho over getting started when I wake up in the morning, but by the time I’ve gotten home from work and put the kids to bed the prospect of hauling the sewing machine and related crap out has been too much to bare! Maybe tonight.



Locket Pocket said...

Your scrapbooking looks great and LMC looks delighted with her new bracelet! Lucy x

Lou said...

I love how the LO turned out, it worked really well! And don't worry about being behind, I'm always a good 6 months behind you so you'll always be a cooler kid than me!

The bracelet is fab, reminds me of some sort of toffee type sweets you used to be able to get but can't remember what they were called!


Marmadaisy said...

Ah red Adidas trainers and green Pepe jeans. What a style icon I was!
The scrapbooking looks fab. x

Anonymous said...

Hiya i love the scrap booking it looks fab. In ref to anna's comment above i too owned pepe jeans although mine were not green i hasten to add. are those beads easy to make??????????????

Charlie P said...

Lovely bracelet! I love the before and after haircut scrapbook page too :) I had no idea srapbooking was such a complicated, fashion-led business!
Don't be ashamed of coveting those trainers- I pestered for a pair of hideous adidas tracksuit bottoms with orange stripes and poppers up the side. Big mistake :s

kim said...

You're years ahead of me. I just finally switched to 12x12 in 2007 :)