Monday, 2 June 2008

A Moment of Madness.

In another moment of crafty madness, I decided to sign up for the Russian Doll Swap that Katy is holding over at her I’m a Ginger Monkey blog.

I know. Bonkers. I have no defense.

It’s rather nice that there aren’t really any limitations on this swap, except that what you make has a Russian doll theme. I used to have a Russian doll as a kid (I wonder whatever happened to that? Hmmmm. I might have to go for a trawl through my parents loft, there’s a chance it might be up there somewhere) and I’ve always been fascinated by them. In Russian they’re referred to as Matryoshka dolls or babushka dolls. Unfortunately, every time I read the workd babushka it makes me thing of this. Which is bad.

I’ve been tossing ideas round in my already Kate-Bush-addled mind since I signed up, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of projects. I’m going to wait to see who I get paired up with before I make my final decision (at which point I will probably change my mind about 20 times!) and then I’ll get started. I can’t wait.

I also whipped up this little button for the swap for Katy. What's a crafty blog swap without a button to go with it after all?

If you're taking part and you want to add it to your blog you can grab it on flickr by clicking on the picture:


In other crafty new, I'm working on another little rock star. Unfortunately, it's a present. So I won't be able to share it until the recipient has received it. Just in case she happens to wander past the Cookie blog. The main downside to crafty presents. Not being able to share. No fun at all ;)



quiltdude said...

Love the button you've made for the swap. funnily enough I've also been brain washed with Kate Bush since I delved into Babushka world, I'd forgotten how crazy she was until I saw your video clip, perhaps I'll make a Kare Bush Matryoshka.........mmm, maybe not!
X Clare

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Hi, now I know how you found my blog! Thanks for your comment. I like your blog! Your littlies are cute too!