Monday, 16 June 2008

A Note About The Notetaker

A couple of you have asked on the previous post for instructions on how I made the notetaker.

I've been mulling it over and thought about a tutorial, but I didn't feel quite comfortable with that, as it isn't my design and was copied from the lovely notetakers that Kathy makes and sells the pattern for over at Pinkchalkstudio.

After dithering about this since yesterday and this being the age of technology and all that, I did the sensible thing and whipped off an email to the lovely Kathy to find out what the deal was with copyright etc on her designs (copyright, now, there's a thorny old business for you!). I received a lovely email back from Kathy, the basic crux of which was that she wouldn't really be happy with my posting a tutorial on how I made my notetaker, even if the construction process was different than hers. I thoroughly respect and appreciate her request that I not post instructions. This is her design and she makes a living from selling her patterns. It's a strange old world when it comes to getting inspiration from things you see on the internet and I always feel that if you're unsure how people would feel if you used their designs then you can but ask and respect their response.

So, I won't be posting any instructions for how I made mine. I'm sure you all understand. If you'd really like to make one, but can't fathom the mechanics of it then you can purchase Kathy's pattern here - and make one a 100 times better than mine ;)



Locket Pocket said...

Contacting Kathy was definitely the best way to go about it - and YOUR notetaker is gorgeous! Lucy x

Marmadaisy said...

Hmmm a thorny issue indeed. The thing is, are there any really original ideas left? It's certainly difficult to find that very fine line between inspiration and copying. I think you did the right thing.

Rhea said...

I meant to comment on the note taker. It was really cool! I love taking notes and I love colorful holders. Awesome job!

Lou said...

Marie, you're blooming honest as the day is long you are! Totally understand though!

Just thought, if I had to email you everytime I wanted to nick one of your ideas, I'd never get any crafting done, would be too busy emailing!!

kim said...

Marie~ I just saw your comment on my blog and I have to say I'm totally excited that you may be making it out to NC in the near future! We actually aren't moving far--just house hunting in the area as we're renting at the moment, but think we'll be here a few years so want to take the plunge and become home owners :) So we should be around whenever you make it to the states and would love a BW meet-up. Then DH can meet the woman behind my crafting madness ;)