Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Sleeping Time Directive


*no, Egg hasn't mysteriously shrunk overnight, he's 5 months old here, but it's the only photo I had of him sleeping!

We have a system of work in the UK (specific I think to those who drive for a living) called The Working Time Directive. It basically limits the amount of time you can work in a specific period (think overworked drivers + 18wheelers + napping at the wheel for reasons why this is a good idea). The general gist of the Working Time Directive is that you cannot work more than 48 hours a week, but this is averaged out over a 17 week period. So, in theory you could work a 60 hour week one week, then have a couple of days off and still even out at the end. Okay, so it’s slighty more complicated than that, and anyone who is married to/lives with/knows anyone who drives for a living probably already knows all about it through many ramblings about how complicated it makes things.

So, that’s the Working Time Directive.

I think Egg is working to the Sleeping Time Directive!!

It’s been bliss in this house the last week. Both kids have slept all night without waking up once. Heaven! I’ve felt like a new woman with 5-6 nights of unbroken sleep under my belt. Last night and the night before however, Egg was a complete nightmare, not going to sleep until 8.30 (goodbye mummy-crafting time :( ) and waking up at 6am.

Thinking about his pattern of sleep over the last year or so I’ve become convinced that he’s definitely working to his own Sleeping Time Directive. It’s like he’s only allocated a certain about of sleep per week (which in theory is right, we only need so much sleep) but some weeks he’ll sleep 13 hours a night without a problem and other weeks he’s lucky if he gets in 9-10. He’s evening it out along the way. Must be.

Unfortunately, all my motivation for crafting tends to go out of the window when it takes so long for Egg to go to sleep. Usually if I’m only coming down from putting him down at 8.30pm all I want to do then is veg out on the sofa, watch Big Brother and go to bed. I really need to get my arse in gear. The lack of having made anything is starting to make me antsy.

On the topic of Big Brother, I have actually been watching it this season. Unlike last year, when I didn’t manage to make it past the first night. I’m thinking of adopting Katreya as the official Protect The Cookie BB9 housemate, not particularly because she’s my favourite, but because she’s a total crazy loon (in the best possible way) and she does love her cookies………..

There’s been no cookie (nor indeed cupcake) baking around here for ages. I’m beginning to know how she feels!!



Mrs Moog said...

Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa - Katreya is fantastically bonkers!! Thanks for the video - gave me my 'Chuckle of the Week'!!!

Sorry to hear about Egg's eratic sleeping. Minx is similar only her times when she needs less sleep always seem to be on weekend mornings - grrr!


April said...

Gorgeous photo of Egg.

April xx

Rhea said...

I think I'd love to see the BB in your country. I love watching the one here in the USA.

Egg does sound like he's sleeping erratically. He's awfully cute. Hang in there.