Saturday, 14 June 2008

Take Note(s)

I recently followed the internet breadcrumbs and found myself over here, at the Pink Chalk Studio blog.

I was completely inspired by the Notetaker in this post. Just too yummy. I was going to order the pattern so I could make one on Friday night, alas on closer inspection they're actual, physical patterns, not PDFs so the chances of one arriving to the UK from the US when ordered on Thursday? Not really realistic for a Friday night.

All was not lost though. Necessity being the mother of invention and all that stuff I decided to have a go at making one myself.




I'm loving this project for a couple of reasons.

1) I managed to finish it in a couple of hours. I love projects you can get done in one sitting, it really makes you feel like you've accomplished something, and they don't end up living unfinished in the WIP pile.

2) I've used up some fabrics which I've had for ages. I really like them, but I couldn't find the right project for them. Now I have.

3) It's something that makes lists pretty, and anything that makes lists even better than they are already is fine by me. I love lists!

The only issue I have with it is that the stabiliser that I've used isn't quite thick enough. I would probably use a thicker one next time, or two layers or some chipboard inserts in the covers. I'm going to have a go at making a larger one for an A4 spiral bound notebook (the one I made fits an A5 pad) so I can use it for work.

More sewing projects on the back burner, but I won't be getting any done tonight because I'm having friends round for a belated birthday celebration (beers and Wii) as my husband is abandoning me for the evening in favour of a charity boxing event. Pah!

Also, I think I forgot to mention who I've been paired with in the I'm A Ginger Monkey Russian Doll Swap (that was one of the things I forgot to remember to blog). My swap buddy for this is Margy. You can check out her HMMDesigns Blog here, she makes some gorgeous stuff. I'm working on my swap item at the moment, and it's portable, so I'm going to take it on holiday with us. I suspect it may take a while.



April said...

I love it, it's gorgeous.

All that lovely fabric - I may have to try this myself...

I love my lists! (and I have many of them)

April xx

Lou said...

Marie - it's fab! Can you give me destructions on how to make one, pretty please?! You know how much of an organisation freak I am, can you imagine me if I could be an organisation freak with pretty folders?! :P

Mama said...

Seconding Lou's request!

Haven't seen the original but love your "copy" : )

ps: I'm a list-maker too (it drives my husband nuts sometimes).

Unknown said...

Love the construction, the fabric/color choices, as well as the functionality! I hope you're going to post instructions for us!

Mrs Moog said...

Gorgeous! I love the colours and I have a feeling I may need to make one too!

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting me at my blog!
I love your notebook! I can't believe you did this free-form.

I am so impressed with people who can sew (and play the piano, for that matter....).

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

Sylvia C.