Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Where Does The Time Go?

To steal a phrase from Shimelle, I've been mostly "blogging in my head" this week. I had such good intentions and thought at numerous points throughout the week "I must blog that" and then of course promptly forgot whatever it was I was going to blog (usually due to interruptions by some pesky small people!).

As it happens, nothing much has really gone on around here. I did have a visit from a nice Police constable last Wednesday. A couple of weeks ago I witnesses an attack of vandalism/criminal damage on a local shop and the rather lovely PC Miller came round last week to take my statement. He arrived on his police issue bicycle - so a little more Heartbeat than NYPD Blue, but he did make a swift exit half way through (after apologising profusely for the interruption) to run (or rather ride) off to chase a couple of unlawful characters who had stolen a car and were heading in the general direction of our house. I don't know whether I was more impressed at the display of active policing, or at the fact that he actually managed to catch them on his push bike! Go PC Miller! So, that's me. Witness for the prosecution and all that. I was a little dubious at first about coming forward, but then when I thought about it I decided that the reason most of the crap that goes on in society these days goes unpunished is because people don't speak up - so I'm speaking up. Go me.

We've been making the most of the nice weather - seeing as we appear to have having our summer in the UK this week (don't even kid myself that it's going to last a couple of weeks so it's nice for our hols) - and we took the kids out for the day on Sunday. My hometown was (in a previous existance) a mining town and a lot of the old colliery sites have now been turned into really nice green belt areas (it's amazing what an artifical lake and a shed load of wild flower planting can do to a slag heap, I'll tell you). So, Sunday's family afternoon out was to one of these colliery parks. It was a little bit of a "family history" moment too as it was the pit site that my Grandad used to work in, and where my FIL was once the coal boy on the steam train that ferried coal and supplies to neighbouring pits and the canal network. I, of course, dragged my camera along for the day (the scrapper in my can't help it!) and I managed to get some really good shots from the day - in between the walking, frisbie playing and a spot of footie action.


Egg scouts out a good spot for the footie pitch.


Does Liverpool FC have a women's team??


My better other half. This is my fave photo from the day.


Do you want a flower Mummy?


Do you see this? Actual physical activity, by me!


Thirsty work, this sports stuff.


Gracie gets serious. I might be biased, but my baby girl looks pretty gorgeous to me.


He loves me, he loves me not?


Kendo plays "crispie" (Gracie's word for Frisbie. Bless her.)

There hasn't really been much crafty action around here this last week. I have a couple of scrapbook pages waiting in the wings, a couple of crochet projects that I'm trying out and a whole host of sewing projects that I have good intentions to get to........ what is it they say about the road to hell? ;)

Hopefully I can manage to get more that one blog post in in the next week.

[note to self] Remember to remember the things you think you should remember to blog. Or something like that.



RachelC said...

Those are some amazing pics Marie!

Rhea said...

Really great pictures!!! And good for you for speaking up and being a witness for the prosecution. I'm also impressed the police on the bike caught a car thief. Wow!

Lou said...

Love the pics, I can see a good double pager coming out of them! And the pic of Mr K...humma humma! Who knew you were married to such a hottie! xx

Mrs Moog said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos Marie!

I'm most impressed with your public mindedness and with PC Miller's good old fashioned police response!!

I reported a shoplifter in a local Tesco Express a few weeks ago and the staff all stood there (very scared looking) and went 'Oh right...ok.....' they carried on muttering between themselves for a few minutes by which time the man with a very nice free lunch was long gone!! Huh, don't say I didn't tell them.....


Unknown said...

My time keeps slipping from me, too.

Great photos!


Sylvia C.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful family in a beautiful setting! That's how time should be spent; you'll remember the day, but lose the layout or project you would have worked on, anyway!