Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Let’s Talk About The Weather.

How very British, to talk about the weather. I hadn’t planned that for my blog topic this morning, but when I thought about it, that’s mostly what it has to do with. Well, that and reading. So, two out of three is enough to qualify.

Last night I finished the layout for the “Work” prompt for the My Freedom class. It was a bit of a strange prompt for me. There was talk of superheroes and costumes, and suggestions that we might want to consider actual drawing *shudder* (I can’t draw for toffee!). Other people who are taking the class were more thrilled with the choice to get some drawing done (and rightly so!). You should definitely check out this amazing piece of comic book art by Chloe. I was super impressed (and not in the least bit jealous….. honest guv! ;)).

Anyway. Once I’d gotten past the superhero bit, the rest of the prompt appealed to me much more. Especially the journaling section, which was to produce journaling in the form of a script or conversation. I pondered for a while over whether to do my layout about my work-work or my home-work, then I decided I do far more work on the days I’m home than I ever do when I’m actually in work, so I went with that.

So. Where does the weather come into it? Well. The particular conversation I’ve journalled is all about rainbows, and my vast knowledge of why they exist (not!). It’s also about Gracie’s favourite question at the moment, which is WHY? Something I’m sure she shares with 4 year olds worldwide! Here’s the layout:




The Journaling reads:

Scene: Driving in the car with Grace.

Grace: Mummy, where do rainbows come from?

Me: When the sun comes out after it’s been raining the sunlight shines through the water droplets in the air and makes the rainbow.

Grace: Why?

Me: because the water drops act like a prism and split the light into all the colours.

Grace: Why?

Me: because light is made up of all the colours you see in a rainbow and the raindrops cause it to split into all it’s different parts.

Grace: Why?

Me: because that’s physics for you.

Grace: Why?

Me: because it just is.

Grace: Why?

Me: because I said so (thinking I swore I would never say that to my kids)

Grace: Why?

Me: Grace?

Grace: Yes mummy?

Me: Stop saying “why?” Okay?

Grace: Okay, mummy (pauses). WHY?

Me: ARRGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew conversations with 4 year olds could be such hard WORK?!

The rainbow photograph was borrowed from here. I’ve used stuff on this layout that I’ve had in my stash for an eternity. I think the sticker sheet that the “wonder” sticker came from was one of the first things I ever bought (and this is the first one I’ve used!). I must try to use more of my stash more often. It’s very therapeutic.

The other weather related item? We had THE worst thunderstorms near us last night (well, actually on top of us, or so it sounded). I haven’t heard thunder that loud for years. I swear it rattled the windows it was that loud and the lightening? Wow! The whole living room was lit up by it (I know this because I was down there in search of painkillers for my toothache at 4.15am!). Miss Grace had been up and down for an hour and a half before the storm started (I think the heat was bothering her), keeping me awake, and then promptly feel asleep and slept through the whole storm while I listened to the thunder cracking whilst trying desperately to get back to sleep! Grrrrrr.

The none-weather-related thing? Well, that’s today’s “My Freedom” blog prompt, which is:

What’s your favourite reading material? Like the kind of favourite that you would take it to read if you had to cut off the rest of the world for years and years?

WOW. That’s a toughie. Not because I can’t think of anything, but rather because I can think of too many somethings! I just LOVE books. Always have. I would really struggle to cut it down to 20 things, never mind one thing. Can’t I just take my whole collection? Please?? I love new books, but I also have favourites that I revisit a lot. I don’t even have one particular genre that I love. I like fantasy, and sci-fi and horror, but I also like biographies and chick lit and forensic mysteries. Nope. I can’t choose. So I’m not going to. I’m taking them ALL!! Mwwaaahhhaaaahhhhhaaahhhhh!

Looking back at this post it’s a little disjointed today. In my defence, please see the earlier paragraph regarding middle of the night waking. I think I might have to have a cup of leaded coffee and a rolo cookie to keep me going – and maybe a nap in the car at lunch time? LOL. I wish!



Lou said...

Aaah, that age old question that philosophers have pondered for years: 'What's with the constant 'WHY'?'!! Believe me, it is all 4 year olds, and 5...and 6!!

Loving the colours you're using for this Shimelle project. And the 'pondering' Grace pic is fab! Also liking all the different styles of journalling and will no doubt be nicking them in the future!! :P


{Lara} said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I can see why you had a "rainbow" coloured day! Gotta love the innocence of a 4 year old!
{Lara} in South Africa

PS we talk about the weather a lot too!

April said...

Hope the toothache feels better soon.

They never stop asking why but C has moved onto questions like "why do men who have boonbies not wear bras" usually in a very loud voice as we are walking past a load of builders - great timing eh??

I read and read and read, I usually have more than one book on the go at a time and I couldn't possibly choose one - I'd have to do a Desert Island Books and take 10! Ooo - an idea forms....

April xx

Kathy said...

love your take on the layout!

Mrs Moog said...

Great layout and I love the journalling!!

Minx has come out the other side of the 'why?' phase now and just likes to finish my sentences for me or correct me when she thinks I'm wrong!


CloClo said...

Totally gorgeous layout, the colours are fab - believe it or not there isn't a scrap of superhero artwork on my 'serious' layout at all but never mind! xxx

Pippa (pjbear) said...

Love the conversation. 4 year olds can be so challenging!
My mum always used to answer the question Why? with .... Z! I was in my early twenties when it suddenly dawned on me the reason she said Z!!!!!! (+ I also think sometimes she just didn't know the answer)

Carrie said...

Really cute layout! Ah yes 4 y/o conversations so fun sometimes - wonder how us Mom's get through with all our hair intact! lol

Lou said...

LMAO at April's comment! Come to think of it, why don't they?! :P

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Oh, I'm so behind with the class! At the moment I'm just keeping up with the blog prompts! Love the 'Why?' conversation! It works really well with Year 6 kids when they want something and you keep asking why! It really winds them up! Mwwaaahhhaaaahhhhhaaahhhhh!
Fab LO!

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

What a great idea and journalling for your work LO. Much more positive than my conversations with my girls on cleaning, eating, tidying etc!