Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Stream of Consciousness

I was very good last night and managed to catch up on one of the layouts for Shimelle’s class. It was for last weeks prompt about Inspiration. I’ve stuck to one of the sketches that were provided in the prompt for this, mostly because I loved the idea of journaling directly onto the photo in a kind of “Stream of Consciousness” format (rather than being more structured). It’s a change from how I usually journal so it was refreshing to do something a little different. Here it is anyway:




Hopefully tonight I will get the second layout from last week done, and be all caught up.

Today’s blog prompt from the class is a toughie! The prompts for this week are to do with your serious side and your playful side. Today’s prompt is:

If there was just one thing from your youth that you could pass on to today’s younger generation what would it be?

Wow. That’s a biggie. I guess I’d have to go with a cliché and tell them to enjoy their childhood while they can. It really is the best time of your life. Kids want to grow up so fast these days, and I think they’re missing out on a lot of what being a kid is supposed to be about. I’d also tell them to play, like kids should play. We live in a world where we feel forced as parents to cosset our children. Fear of accidents, fear of traffic, fear of paedophiles. We feel that we must (in some sense) lock our children up to keep them safe, but at the same time I can’t help but think that we’re depriving them of the opportunity to learn important lessons in how to live, safely and sensible (whilst still having fun).

So. I would tell them to make mud pies (and maybe eat some), to play in the dirt, to ride their bikes all day (sometimes at breakneck speed over grassy embankments), to go pond dipping, to play hopscotch, and Kerby, and British bulldog. To read the Famous Five and the Secret Seven, to watch Fraggle Rock and Knight Rider and The A Team (and then pretend to build super machine’s in your Dad’s shed). All good fun!

Right, I suppose I’d better give some consideration to actually doing some work.



Lou said...

Love the LO hun. The colours are lovely and the journalling all over your photo looks great, it really seems like we're reading your thoughts IYKWIM! And thanks a lot, I now want a vanilla latte and a blueberry muffin!

Couldn't agree more with the thoughts on childhood, that's how it should be!


Kathy said...

yes this is a great way of journalling! Your layout looks really good!

CloClo said...

Loving your advice to the youth, and your layout :) I am so tempted to buy those guitars for the PS3, but I think I'm going to have to get hold of Buzz first...

Mrs Moog said...

I love that layout! Your journalling looks a bit like a mind map.

Your advice to the youth of today is spot on!


Carrie said...

Like your doodling on the photo! Pretty layout & good advice! They don't realize how fast it goes once your out of the teen years!

kim said...

I love that LO--I need to try more writing on the LO instead of typing it all out in well planned paragraphs :)

And love your thoughts on childhood--although the parent in me is screaming, "no! Don't eat the dirt!" But then I think about all the stuff I ate and drank without getting ill.

Pippa (pjbear) said...

Love the advice! So true, today's kids don't know what risk is - such a shame!
How do you play without just doing every type of "Stuff", we lived on a building site and did everything we ought not to, but it made me what I am today!

April said...

That layout is lovely.

It's all about trying to find a balance for kids to explore and be adventurous but still safe. I always let Caitie walk on walls, swing round bars (I could never manage it) and jhump over bollards but she is only 8 and I'm not ready to let her go off and explore on her own yet. I remember being 12 at least before I was able to do stuff like going down to Sankey Valley and the canal - and my mum never knew where I was going!!

April xx