Monday, 28 July 2008

Swap Goodies and Aspirations

So. After my total cheat of a post on Friday (sorry Auntie Lou ;)) I’ll try to make up for it with a proper post about what we’ve been up to.

My trip to the dentist on Wednesday was a bit of a bummer. No filling that day, but I have to go back on Wednesday this week to have the filling done, and to have one of my wisdom teeth take out. Ouch! Not looking forward to that AT ALL.

It’s seems this was the week for all things medical and I also had an opticians appointment on Thursday – and came away with new contact lenses (something I haven’t had for about 5 years). They’re taking a little getting used to (dry eyeballs anyone?) but it’s great to not have my glasses on for a chance (although I do keep trying to shove them up my nose even though I’m not wearing them. Hitting yourself in the face guarantees you some funny looks from people believe me!). I have to go back on Thursday next week to check I’m going okay with them. So, that should be fun with my big swollen tooth-taken-out face that I’m bound to have. Deep joy.

Obviously Friday was a trip to Leeds to see the Gillard tribe. On Friday night Miss Lou and I had all good intentions of a bit of cyber cropping…. And we failed miserably with both of us electing to just have a goss and some vinos instead.

On Saturday this lovely parcel arrived for me all the way from Belgium (via the Netherlands):


It was my Russian Doll Swap goodies from my swap buddy Margy, and contained this collection of loveliness:


A beautiful Russian Doll, some Russian Doll fabric, some lush ribbon and a little duckie pencil sharpener with a bag of sweeties attached. There was also a note from Margy to say that the sweeties are a traditional Belgian gift that’s give to friends and family who have shown interest in the new baby (as Margy has just given birth to the gorgeously squishy Ruben). Which I thought was a lovely gesture, and sweeties…bonus!!

The Russian Doll Margy has made is beautiful. I can’t believe just how neat the crocheting is on this doll, seriously. It puts my clumsy attempts to shame. It’s just gorgeous:


She will live on the shelf in my craft room (when I finally get round to sorting it out!).

I was a little late posting Margy’s parcel. I did email to let her know, but I think somehow she’s got other more important things on her mind at the moment ;). It is winging it’s way to Belgium as I type though, so hopefully it should be with her soon and I can share what I sent. I hope she likes it.

I think that will be my last swap for a while though. Those deadlines seem ages away but have a tendency to creep up quickly when life gets in the way.

In other crafty action, I’m still playing catch up with my “My Freedom” layouts (no big surprise there), but I managed to finish the “Aspiration” one late last week (although I didn’t get around to blogging it). It’s here anyway:




The journaling reads:

So far:

University: Check
Get married: Check
Buy our own home: Check
Have two amazing kids: Check
Get a job I love: Check
Have hobbies I enjoy: Check

That’s most of the things I wanted to accomplish in my life completed. As a kid I knew I wanted to get to university, to get married and have kids and buy my own home. Getting a job I love was a bonus, and having hobbies I enjoy a necessity (for my sanity!). Not the most ground breaking of lists. Simple, but complete. I have all I wanted in life. Now, to live it!

What now:

I like the simple life, so have simple aspirations. I’d like a clean and tidy house (working on that thanks to, I’d like to be the best I can be at my hobbies, so taking new classes and trying new things is important. I’d like to be more patient with the kids, spend more time enjoying their childhoods and less time stressing about the everyday stuff I’d like to be half the woman my Mum is! If I can do that, then I’d have lived a happy life. Plenty of time to do all those things though, I hope!

Right. Off to see about actually doing some work. I’m hoping to catch up with my “work” and “play” layouts tonight so should hopefully post them tomorrow. I might try to catch up with all the blog prompts I’ve missed too. Slacker!



Lou said...

Lovely Russian doll lushessness! Love the goodies she sent too!

Love that Lo, especially the pic of mummy and daddy Ek!


Unknown said...

first off, that doll is lovely!!!

secondly... wow you look like your mum! :) i like that idea for a layout prompt, and it gives you another chance to use that self-portrait you love!

Unknown said...

How wonderful to have so many life aspirations checked off.

I'd say the biggest step, next, would be to enjoy them all!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


Sylvia C.

Unknown said...

How lucky you were to get such a great swap partner! Your pages are beautiful, but the meaning is even better.
Have a great week!