Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ten Years Ago Today…….

….. I was armed with a glass of Bucks Fizz and nervously awaiting the moment when it was time to get dressed up in this:


and trundle off to the register office in the white and blue Rolls Royce to become Mrs PTC.


How fast a decade has gone. I can hardly believe it. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, other times it seems like a world away.

I was fashionably late by about 10 minutes and a little best-man-shaped birdie informed me later in the day that Kendo was started to get a little hot under the collar. Bless him. It was a lovely service and then off to the wedding breakfast. That was somewhat hampered by the fact that the pub had inadvertantly booked a wake into the downstairs reception room! How nice was that?. We managed to keep our relatives from killing each other for the day though and a great time was had by all I think. I do seem to recall that I was completely unable to get drunk, nor even merry (which was not for lack of trying!). I suspect it was the adrenaline of the day. Kendo and I rounded the day off sat in the conservatory in our wedding undies drinking tea at 3am. Classy! ;)

Here's to another 10 years! :)

In dental expedition related news, the filling in my wisdom tooth snapped off when the dentist was trying to pull it out. There was much digging and wiggling and trying to get the big metal tongs round the bit of remaining tooth. It weren’t pretty. This morning I look like a chipmunk. Well, half a chipmunk anyway. Thank heavens for Ibuprofen!



Rach said...

Congratulations Marie and Kendo, hope you have a lovely day xx

Oh and ouch, ouch, ouch for the tooth! xx

Lou said...

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs K!

You looked so lovely Marie! However, not sure about the image of you and K sat round in your undies. Not sure I can ever venture into your conservatory again now!!


Unknown said...

happy anniversary!! :)

Marmadaisy said...

That underwear story was FAR too much information! I dread to think what "Kendo's wedding undies" looked like. Blech, I have very bad thoughts now. Wow, 10 years. Scary.
Happy Anniversary and *thud* at the wisdom tooth story (you know what that means, right? You sat next to my slumped body in biology enough times)

April said...

Wow, Congratulations on 10 years, you look gorgeous in your wedding pic by the way.

So sorry about the tooth thing - Ouch!!

Happy Anniversary

April xx

Edgington said...

Saw your note to Ali. Isn't it great being married to your best friend!

Mrs Moog said...

Congratulations Mr & Mrs PTC!!!

We're on nine and a half years and rounded our day off in a similar fashion to you - except we sat in bed drinking tea and watching Jasper Carrott!!! So romantic :)

Hope you are feeling less chipmunk-like today :(