Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Those Were The Days, My Friend

If you’ve read the comments on my last post, you’ll have seen this one, left by Mrs Marmadaisy:

“I am woefully behind with my blogging. I thought this was a great post, and would have copied. But I realised that a mid-90s pic of me would also include much longer hair, smaller waist and deathly tight+high-waisted jeans/flat shoes combo. And then I wouldn't be able to take the piss, so I'll have to be excused :P :)”

I threatened that she’d better be careful taking the mick too much about the photo, because I happened to come across some of her in my stash sporting similar attire. Then she told me to post it. So here it is:


This was taken summer 1992. I can’t remember if it’s the last day of school, or if it was GCSE results day. Maybe Anna can shed more light on that. I don’t know what’s going on with the pensive pose on this photo. I’m sure I’d instructed her to look like she was deep in thought or something. There was probably some weird reasoning behind it, there usually was.

I suspect this photo might actually say more about me than it does about her. It was taken in my bedroom at my parents house. Who lives in a room like this? (you have to imagine your best Lloyd Grossman voice for that). Let’s look at the evidence:

1) The posters. Who do we have there? Donnie Wahlberg (I was a huge NKOTB fan, what can I say, there is no defense), Mark Wahlberg (keeping it in the family), Keanu Reeves (I think I can get away with that one. He was lush then and he’s lush now). The guy with the long hair peeking out on the left is Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme (I was a closet Rock Chick then), and I think the one you can’t quite see behind Anna is the late and lovely River Phoenix.

2) The wardrobe. That purple thing is a coat dress. This was take just post-Blossom era. There’s probably a floppy hat in there somewhere. An Aran cardigan (probably knitted by my Gran and rarely worn), that luminous pink thing – that’s a hideous, hideous shell suit top. The 90s have a lot to answer for!

3) The beers. If you look closely. Lurking in the bottom corner. Two cans of Heineken stash in the wardrobe. Memories of a misspent youth!

Along with this photo I also unearthed this one:


I have no defence for my expression on the pic, except that it was bloomin’ windy that day. But there, can you see them, on Mrs Marmadaisy’s feet? It’s the aforementioned and much coveted Red Adidas Trainers :)

This trip down memory lane business is good fun (even with humiliating yourself to your blog readers). I might implement a “Bad Photo Friday” meme for a laugh, if anyone would fancy playing along?

I’ve got the blog prompt for the My Freedom class for today, but it requires some photos scanning so I’ll have to post tomorrow instead.

{Note to Self} Must buy a flat bed scanner.



Lou said...

OK, the crimes against fashion are NOTHING compared to the crimes against music taste going on in that circa 1992 bedroom! NKOTB?! There is no excuse Ek, your punishment - you must go home and listen to the full back catalogue, that'll learn you! x

Marmadaisy said...

Ohhhhh! Those are corkers! Love it! I'm going to link to this on my blog now. xxx

Unknown said...

mmmm... River Phoenix!!!

giggling at Bad Photo Friday. The only thing that would stink is having to scan in the pics!!

Thankfully, I was into grungy flannel, so even though I am wearing the icky, high-waisted jeans, you can't tell because I'm swimming in a long flannel shirt.

April said...

Oh My God!!! I've just asked Anna to assure me that you don't have any hideous photos of me lurking around, please tell me you don't?

I know there are some dreadful ones out there somewhere....

April xx