Monday, 8 September 2008

Extra Curricular Activites (aka I'm a Soccer Mom now!)

We’ve had a busy old week over at Casa de PTC. Grace has had a hectic first week at her new school, what with mini Olympics in the playground, learning things from the “learning board”, story time, snack time, computer time and chasing boys around the playground on scooters (not sure how I feel about that little titbit of information! LOL) it’s been a tiring week for her.

The fun didn’t end there though. Saturday was her first ballet and tap lesson at a local dance academy. We’ve been signed up since last March waiting for a place for her and the school called me in the summer to say there was an opening (some of the bigger girls were moving up classes) and she could start at the beginning of September. She was a little bit nervous going in but then she spotted a girl from her play group (who has gone to a different primary school from her) so she was happy to have a friend to go in with. Sophie was very helpful in showing her the ropes and they spent most the class paired up. She was able to loan both ballet and tap shoes from the school for her first lesson, but of course was so enthused when she came out that she wanted her own. I’d sworn I was going to wait a few weeks before falling into the trap of buying all the gear, but from her reaction I think it’s safe to say that she’ll be keeping her interest up. Thank goodness for Grandparents I say, other wise I’d have been stuck with the whole of a hefty equipment bill. As it is we’ve all bought bits and pieces, so that’s easier on the pocket. She has a leotard, socks, tap shoes and ballet shoes, I just need to pick her up a skirt and cardigan and she’s good to go. I’ve even whipped up a crocheted bun cover (I forgot to take photos of it though, I’ll do that when I take pics of her all togged up in her dance gear). It took me back though; I remember bun covers being “in” when I was little. LOL.

Other than chasing round in my new “Soccer Mom” shoes (although she’s not actually doing soccer, and I don’t drive a range rover, but you know what I mean ;)) I’ve actually managed to keep up with the Learn Something New Class (no one is more shocked than me, let me tell you). Here’s my layouts for Sept 3-6:

September 3rd: Gracie’s first day of school – harder on me than it was on her!! (hidden journaling under the flowery panel:


September 4th: I don’t do much cover on reception at work (only about 30 minutes a week) but it’s taken my 12 months to finally be able to put a call through from the switchboard without cutting it off!!


September 5th: Rather tragically the change in seasons for me is always linking to the change in TV programming. Clear indication that I watch WAY too much telly.


September 6th: Bits of Gracie’s dance uniform in the photo. I just hope she doesn’t decide to take up jazz and modern aswell!!


I know what I’m scrapping for tonight’s page – I just need to snap a quick pick of Egg when I get in.

I have a couple of ballet related crafty projects brewing in my brain at the minute, including a drawstring bag for her ballet pumps, a larger one for tap shoes, and a tote back to carry all her gear round in. Some of the kids had official RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) pump bags but as soon as I saw them my crafty brain kicked into gear with a “I could make that really easily” moment. I’m sure you’ve all had those. If I can get my LSNE layout finished quickly tonight I might drag the sewing machine out and see what’s in my fabric stash. Well, there’s no Big Brother to watch now, what the hell else am I going to do??



Lou said...

Oooh, loving the layouts, especially Gracie's first day at school and the ballet one! You're on fire lady!!


April said...

Layouts look lovely. Hope Gracie enjoys her ballet.

We all fall into the Soccer Mom trap sooner or later - for us it's gymnastics and swimming!

April xx

trash said...

I had the same idea about the bag thing for Pr.C-W's p.e. bag. gotta love a crafty mother.

trash said...

Also..... sorry but you have missed out 'by that much' on the P.I.F. :(