Monday, 1 September 2008

I Love The Smell Of Autumn In The Morning

Can anyone else feel it? The change of seasons just hovering there on the brink? I love Autumn, so I can't wait and I definitely had that Autumney feel setting off to work this morning. There's a definite "back to school" vibe in the air. I can't wait until the nights start to draw in. Autumn is the best season ever!

Kendo would probably disagree with my assessment above. Mostly because he collected this at the weekend:

It didn't come with the kids and the haggard looking wife (he had to provide those himself ;)). Autumn isn't so much fun on one of these - wet leaves tend to make the back end want to go some place that is else. Which is a bit scary. I don't think even that will stop him behaving like a kid with a new toy though.

The two of us managed to get out for a spin on the bike together at the weekend (after dropping the kids off at the MILs for a bit). It was FAB! I'd forgotten quite how good bike rides are for blowing the cobwebs out of your brain. I felt 18 again - well, at least I did until I tried to get off, then I felt about 75! When we first started dating (about 14 years ago -eek!) we went everywhere on Kendo's bike (a GPZ500, with a broken monoshock. Suspension's for wimps I tell you!). The new bike is the same engine size and has a similar feel so it really did take me back to those years. A crazy rush of memories, especially when we started heading up to where one of our friends used to live (a journey we used to make a couple of times a week). Total memory overload. Fantastic. I was a bit worried that I'd totally mess up as it's such a long time since I rode pillion, but it's just like (sitting behind someone) riding a bike. You never forget. Hopefully there'll be many more chances to escape for a couple of hours and enjoy some reminiscing.

It's amazing that we actually managed to get around anywhere the last two days without either of us bumping into something. We both went to get new contact lenses on trial a month back and this was the first week of new lenses. Kendo put his in first on Saturday and then I went to put mine in. We both spent two days bemoaning the fact that the lenses we were wearing weren't comfy and that they didn't seem to be the right strength. Only last night did it occur to Kendo that maybe he'd opened the wrong packet when he put his in. Yup. You guessed it, we've been walking round in each other's contact lenses for two days! No wonder I couldn't bloody see anything! What did we do? Well, easy. Took them out, gave them a damn good clean and swapped pairs. Is that a bit disgusting? I think maybe it is, but hey, we've been together for 14 years, what's a bit of eyeball liquid between husband and wife? (should I pause while you throw up a little in your mouth?).

I still haven't done anything remotely crafty around here. It seems I get all geared up in the mornings and while I'm at work but by the time I get home and put the kids to bed I've lost all motivation to do anything other than veg and read (my book arrived finally btw, and damn good it was too :)). This class starts today though:

and it's a page to do everyday. I'm making a 6x6 album for this though which I think should be a manageable size to keep up with. September will tell I suppose.
On the topic of which - I can't believe it's September already! I'm pretty sure the last time I looked it was March. What happened there? Gracie is starting "big school" on Wednesday! I can't believe my little girl is going into reception. She looks so grown up in her uniform (we had a big of a dress rehearsal last night) *sniff* I'm sure there'll be some blogging about that on Wednesday morning.
Oh... and I lied a bit. I have done something crafty, well, if you count sewing in 14 name labels into various items of school clothing. Joy!
Right. Off to do some work for a change.


Lou said...

LMAO at the lenses!

You sewed the labels in? Get one of those laundry pens woman, I had the whole uniform named in 10 minutes!!

happy crafting! ;)

Marmadaisy said...

Awww John's just got one too! I miss our bike, what fun (but not in the wet, as you say). BTW do you know you put you were a "BIKE" worried?
Roll on Autumn ... yay

Unknown said...

I have no frame of reference for the bike, but I am totally ROFL at wearing each other's lenses!! :) :) :)

Tiffany said...

Feelin' 18 again? I am so down for that!

Adorable album!

April said...

I love Autumn and we're busy getting everything ready for back to school on Wed as well.

I still have to iron the uniform and am trying out iron on name tapes...

Love the bike btw!!

April xx

RachelC said...

Totally LOL here about the contacts. That is just classic. Good luck to Gracie with school... I feel your pain!