Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Pushed For Time.

It's 4.30pm.

I will be running manically out of the door leaving work at 4.45pm. On the dot. Because today has been a crappy day. And I want to go home. There will be wine in my future. Possibly chilled. Definitely consumed. That gives me about 7 minutes to write this. Because I have to leave time for putting my coat on and nipping to the loo before I go.

Here's what I got up to last night:


September 7th layout for the Learn Something New Everyday Class. I love the Eggman's new hoodie :)



Very cute little drawsting bags for Miss Gracie's ballet and tap shoes. So easy to make and superbly practical. Love those too.

I love going home from work even more though.



Lou said...

OMG, how old does Ewan look on there?! Rob loves No Fear stuff so he can go round as Uncle Bobbins' Mini Me now!

Love the pump bags!


Unknown said...

LOVE the shoe bags!!!

April said...

love those bags - so pretty

April xx