Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Sept 2nd Layout: A Rare And Most Excellent Occurance.

Today's page for the Learn Something New Everyday class (well, technically yesterday's page, but that's just too confusing) kind of makes me sound like I'm auditioning for a Bill and Ted movie. Most excellent!

Kendo recently discovered a band after hearing one of their tracks on the radio. They're called Cage The Elephant and their debut album is indeed most excellent. If you visit their My Space page you can hear a couple of tracks off the album, for free. Hurrah.

The thing learnt today then? Every now and then you discover an album where every song is awesome. A rare and most excellent occurance.


I'm thinking this 6x6 page per day might actually be doable. Hope that hasn't jinxed it!



Unknown said...

I really like cage the elephant. Apparently the 2 brothers in the band don't get on so well, and fight a lot. On stage too. and Miss G (she's 9) like to play a game where every song that comes on the radio I tell her 'oh, it's that cage the elephant song, isn't it?' and she goes NOOOOOO Mummy, it's (whoever it actually is...she's better at songs than me). Oh, such fun (yep, we're easily amused in my house)

Lou said...

Aaaah, Bill & Ted, that takes me back! Question is, are Cage The Elephant anywhere near as good as Wyld Stallions?! Station! x