Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Time For The Little Hats Again. Yey :)

Some of you might remember that last year I took part in The Big Knit. This is a project run by the makers of Innocent Smoothies which raises month for Age Concern.

You can check out details of the project and download a knitting pattern here so you can make some of these:


These are little hats that fit on top of Innocent Smoothie bottles. For every bottle with a hat sold Innocent donates 50p to age concern.

They're really quick to knit up and you can have loads of fun with patterns and all sorts of pom poms and dangly bits. There's even a "Hat-of-the-Week" gallery where you can check out what other people have made.

Thanks to Michaela over at The Stash Basket for her post which reminded me about this - now I'm reminding you, so you can play along too if you like. I'm hoping to get some of these whipped up in the next few weeks.



Marmadaisy said...

Thanks for reminding me. I meant to do it last year and didn't have time.