Saturday, 11 October 2008

Get Well Soon Louise!!


This lovely lady (the one on the right, because the one on the left is me and I'm not so lovely), my good friend Lou is really quite poorly at the moment.

Lou has a congenital heart problem and there's been some problems with her legendary dicky ticker. After winding up in hospital last week and having to have an operation to put a stent into one of the arteries in her heart she's now in the ICU following another op to remedy a problem with the first one. One of Lou's friends has let me know that they're please with her progress (thanks Stef for the update) but it's still pretty scary stuff.

I'm sure all my bloggy readers (most of whom are probably reader's of Lou's blog too) will join me in a big old bloggy shout of:


I'm missing my daily email ping pong sessions and textathons Miss Lou. Please get back on your feet soon so we can resume normal service.



Marmadaisy said...

Hope your friend feels better soon. What a bum to happen to such a lovely lady, isn't it always the way??

Mrs Moog said...

Sending positive thoughts Lou's way. I hope she gets well very soon.


Unknown said...

get well soon Lou!!

RachelC said...

Thinking of you Lou. Stay strong!

April said...

Hope Louise is soon feeling better

April xx

Tara said...

Get better Lou! (Clearly I haven't been bloggin' lately!)